30 Gifts That Will Make a Medical Assistant Say “Aah!”

Medical assistants might work as much as nurses and more than doctors in certain situations and are often on their feet for many hours at a time.

So it’s safe to say that the life of a medical assistant is hectic. The gifts in this guide will delight and warm the heart of your favorite medical assistant.

30 Gift Ideas for Medical Assistants

coffee mug

Of Unicorns and Magic: Unicorn Medical Assistant Coffee Mug

Coffee is an essential substance for the medical assistant, and this Unicorn coffee mug will put a smile on their face every time they take a sip because it reminds them that they have magical powers, much like a unicorn.

Since medical assistants often multi-task, they are seen as magical.

This mug acknowledges the magical powers with a picture of a unicorn on the front with the words, “Medical Assistant, only because Full-Time Multitasking Magical Unicorn is not an actual job title”.

It is made with white ceramic and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

water bottle

Remind Them To Drink Water: Medical Assistant Water Bottle

When running from station to station or doing many activities while on the job, the medical assistant might forget to hydrate themselves, which could create physical problems. But with this unique 30-ounce water bottle, you will remind your loved one to drink water at least once every hour.

One side contains lines with the hours listed, and the other side contains the words, “Living the Medical Assistant Life”. It is leakproof, contains an ice guard, and the flap stays open while drinking.

It is made with non-BPA materials, including food-grade plastic, which means your loved one won’t need to worry about drinking chemicals with their water.

badge ID reel

Identify the Medical Assistant: Pretty Badge ID Reel

An ID badge is part of every medical professional’s uniform, but that doesn’t mean that the badge ID reel can’t be unique, just like the individual. The medical assistant will love this round ID reel, especially if they love flowers.

With a blue background, a bouquet on a gold ribbon sits between the words, “Medical Assistant”.

It is covered in mylar, which means they can simply wipe it off after working with a patient. It also has a clip fastened to the back for easy attachment to the uniform.

When your loved one wears this badge, they will immediately be recognized for who they are.

wine glass and coffee mug

What Time Is It?: Wine Glass and Coffee Mug Set

After many long hours, the medical assistant might not remember what time of the day or night it is. But this wine glass and coffee mug set might help them remember, especially when the wine glass says, “After Patients,” and the coffee mug says, “Before Patients”.

The ceramic print on both the mug and glass is fired at 1200 degrees, so it stays on better in high heat.

The mug is ceramic and can hold up to 11 ounces, while the stemless wine glass can hold 15 ounces.


Start Their Heart: EKG Key Ring and Chain

What better way to show your loved one you care than by giving them a stainless steel charm keyring? This zinc alloy keyring contains four medically related charms, such as:

A circular medical assistant charm with the medical symbol, Caduceus, over the job title.

– An outline of a heart with an EKG line running through the heart.
– A stethoscope, and
– A syringe with a medicine bottle.

The keyring is 1.2 inches (3 cm) in diameter, while the chain is 2.28 inches (5.

8 cm) long. For the serious medical assistant, this keyring and chain will be a charming present.

bandage ID holders

Put a Band-Aid On the Pain: Bandage ID Holders

Badges are an essential part of the medical assistant’s uniform, but the ID holders can be as individual as the person, as mentioned above. These bandage ID holders are perfect for those medical assistants who work in pediatrics, as children notice everything, especially the badges, which look like cartoon characters.

This set of four band-aids has fun faces that will make children feel at ease when in a stressful situation and make the medical procedure smoother than otherwise.

bones syringe pen set

No Bones About It: Bones, Syringe, and Capsule Pen Set

If your loved one is always misplacing their pen or pencil, or it gets lost in the myriad of their other items, then this bones, syringe, and capsule pen set will be perfect for them! There are ten bone pens, four syringe pens, and six retractable vitamin capsule pens.

The syringe pens come with red, green, yellow, and blue ink and look like true syringes. The bone pens come with either blue or black ink and look like different bones from the body. And the capsule pens retract very small, but when pulled out, it becomes a full-sized pen.

The capsule pens come with a face, but the other pens do not.


Give Them Your Heart: Heart Charm Bracelet

Even a medical assistant loves to dress up once in a while. This heart charm bracelet encompasses four different parts of a medical assistant:

A caring heart, with a circle charm that says, “Bless me with a gentle touch and a caring heart”.

– The Caduceus medical staff
– A heart outline with an EKG line going through it, and
– A stethoscope

The bracelet is made from stainless steel and alloy and is nickel and lead-free, making it hypoallergenic for those sensitive to other metals.


Awesome Journal: Medical Assistant Journal

Your loved one may have many things to say about their job that they can’t tell anyone else due to patient confidentiality. In those cases, they need a place to write out their thoughts, such as a journal or small notebook.

This 6×9 notebook is perfect for carrying around in a pocket or purse and contains 120 lined pages. The front cover has two crossed band-aids, with the words “World’s Most Awesome Medical Assistant” displayed under and over the band-aids.


For Your Medical Assistant Hero: Doctors Need Heroes T-Shirt

Medical assistants don’t always get acknowledgment for all the work they put in daily. But this black t-shirt with bold white words states that medical assistants are doctor’s heroes. If your loved one is a medical assistant and feels overworked and underappreciated, they will love this shirt.

It is made from cotton and polyester and comes in ten different colors. There are three main size categories, such as men’s, women’s, and youth. Adult sizes range from small to 3XL, while youth sizes range from 2-12.

note pad and pen set

Help Them Remember Their Name: Personalized Note Pad and Pen

It might be challenging for the medical assistant to remember to eat with the long hours, let alone their name, at times. For this reason, this personalized notepad and pen set can help them remember their name at least.

Remembering to eat might be another story.

The front cover displays the Caduceus symbol with “Medical Assistant” over the symbol. It is made from faux leather and comes with a mini notepad and pen.


For the CMA In Your Life: CMA Tribe T-Shirt

Medical assistants are such a unique breed of people that they have their tribe, expressed by this CMA Tribe t-shirt. There is a large daisy at the top of a stethoscope in an EKG line, and underneath is the words “CMA Tribe” printed in bold letters.

The shirt comes in ten different colors, and the sizes range from small to 3XL in both men’s and women’s cuts.

The shirts are made from a cotton and polyester blend and should be machine washed cold with like colors and tumbled dry on a low heat setting.


To Dress Up: Elegant Stethoscope Necklace

When your loved one wants to dress up and still show the world their MA status, this elegant rose-colored necklace chain attached to a decorative stethoscope will make a bold and dressy statement. Or, if your loved one doesn’t like a rose gold-tone, the silver option might be a better choice.

The stethoscope has a heart on one side to symbolize the love that medical assistants have for their patients.

wine tumbler

Give Them a Wine Prescription: Wine and Coffee Tumbler

Medical life can be very long and stressful, so many people take to having a little wine after work. This rose-gold stainless steel glass tumbler holds up to 12 ounces and comes with a BPA-free plastic lid with a rubber seal appropriate for both wine and coffee or other beverages.

The tumbler’s exterior looks like a prescription pad, with the words “Prescription Wine” at the top of the tumbler. It then states, “Take several sips by mouth until empty,” and further down, it says, “Refills: whenever”.


Dress Up Their Scrubs: Fun Medical Socks

Just because they have to wear scrubs to work doesn’t mean that they have to be bored with their entire uniform. These fun medical socks are busy with several medical equipment graphics on a background of either pink or black.

They fit shoe sizes 6-12 for women and 8-13 for men and are made with cotton, polyamide, spandex, and elastane. Machine wash cold, then hang to dry.

desk caddy

Google Medical Advice: Desk Caddy for Medical Assistants

Those in the medical field are often surprised at how often patients come in with solutions to their ailments that come from a Google search. This desk caddy addresses that with the words, “Please don’t confuse your Google search with my medical degree.

” It is organized into several sections that can hold several desk items like scissors, pens, pencils, erasers, and paper clips.

This gift will show you care and appreciate your loved ones and acknowledge their hard work and sacrifices to help others.

medical equipment organizer

Let Them Be Organized: Medical Equipment Organizer

For the medical assistant on the go, this organizer will help them organize their medical supplies, such as stethoscopes, penlights, reflex hammers, and other equipment that they need for any crisis. The outer part of the case is a hard shell, while the inner lining is soft, which keeps the equipment from getting scratched or dented.

There are two mesh pockets and a separator flap to keep things organized. And since it is waterproof, it will stay nice for years to come.

suture practice kit

Suture It Up!: Complete Suture Practice Kit

Medical assistants studying to be doctors will love this suture practice kit that contains 25 pieces in a convenient carry case. Suture threads, scissors, scalpel blades, forceps, and more will help the medical student properly learn how to suture small wounds.

With the accompanying suture pad, the student can practice several times, as the pad mimics human flesh.

medical dictionary

Help Them Remember Terms: Merriam Webster’s Medical Dictionary

Even doctors don’t always remember every medical term, not to mention medical assistants. Help them remember the terms they need for whatever comes up in their day with the Merriam Websters Medical dictionary.

Published by the same company that published the general dictionary, it was published in 2016 with several updated terms.

It contains over 39,000 total entries on 896 pages in paperback binding.


Laughter Is the Best Medicine: Humorous Notepads

Give your loved one a bit of humor daily with this set of four humorous notepads. Each notepad has a saying at the top of the pad, with cartoons at the bottom acting out the following sayings:

“We can’t fix stupid, but we can sedate it.

“If you’re happy and you know it, it’s your meds.”
“Please don’t confuse your Google search with my medical degree.”
“Laughter is the best medicine unless you have diarrhea.”

The notepads have 50 pages per pad and have a chipboard backing.


For Their Feet Comfort: Skechers Flex Appeal Sneakers

It’s no secret that medical assistants and nurses are constantly on their feet, so a good pair of comfortable shoes that support their feet is a must. These Skechers Flex Appeal sneakers have a fabric upper and a rubber sole, with air-cooled memory foam inside.

They come in several colors and range from women’s sizes 5-12. And because the laces are pre-tied, they are easy to slip on and off.

travel coffee mug

Coffee Is Prescribed: Prescription Travel Coffee Mug

Much like the wine prescription tumbler, this travel coffee mug prescribes coffee–that essential liquid–to be administered throughout the day. The warning states, “Do not interact with others until effects are felt.

The travel mug holds up to 18 ounces, contains double-wall insulation with a stainless steel inner wall, and comes with a locking lid with a skid-resistant bottom to keep liquids inside the mug. And with a convenient handle, it is easy to hold while balancing other things.

sticky notes

First Aid for Fun: First Aid Sticky Notes

Sticky notes have been around for a long time, but first aid sticky notes are a relatively new invention. Your loved one will love this set that contains several notepads in the shape of several bandages and a tube of ointment that sits in a small book that looks like the outside of a first aid kit.

These sticky notes can be used for reminders, prescriptions, and notes for others.


Question and Answer Monologue: Sarcastic Coffee Mug

It might seem to a medical assistant that they always repeat themselves to many patients during their day. But this clever coffee mug might change that, as it lists several answers to repeated questions.

The answers on the mug are:

Yes, I’m a Medical Assistant.
No, I’m not sure what causes that.
You, you should probably have it looked at.
Have you tried to call your doctor?
Of course, you didn’t…

The ceramic mug can hold up to 11 ounces and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

bracelet set

When Life Gets Challenging: Motivational Bracelet Set

Life has many ups and downs and can get rather stressful, especially for a medical assistant. To encourage your loved one, this motivational bracelet set of 15 bracelets with inspirational quotes can help them keep going.

The bands are made from black leather lace, while the pendant is a silver alloy. They fit most adult wrists, as they are adjustable.


For Notes and Thoughts: Medical Assistant Notebook

Keeping appointments, writing down thoughts or ideas, or simply making to-do lists are several things that a medical assistant might use a notebook for. And notebooks that acknowledge a medical assistant for the job they do will delight them.

This medical assistant notebook is small enough to carry in a backpack or purse, with plenty of pages to write down everything they think.

The front cover says, “I’m a medical assistant. I solve problems you don’t know you have in ways you can’t understand.

watch fob

Keeping Track of Time: Medical Assistant Watch Fob

If your loved one consistently works nights or can’t wear a watch but needs a timepiece with a second hand, this watch fob might be what they need. It has a clip on the back to attach to a lapel or pocket and lights up when needed for those nighttime shifts.

Because it is made with soft silicone rubber, it can be sterilized and cleaned should anything get on it.

The watch fob comes in packages of three and is available in a wide range of colors, so you’re sure to find their favorite color.


Live the Scrub Life: Phone and Tablet Holder

When your loved one has several calls or video chats, they might get tired of holding the phone or tablet all the time. But this phone or tablet holder can help them easily hold their device with less arm or wrist strain.

The stand is black, with the words “Living the Scrub Life Medical Assistant” on the front. With an expandable stand, they can prop up their device to watch videos, video chats, or take photos.

medical notes cards

For the Assistant Starting Out: Medical Notes Reference Cards

Medical students are often under a time constraint to get all their homework done, study for exams, and work. These medical reference cards will be a handy accessory should they come across an unfamiliar situation.

Held together by a binder ring, the 67 high-yield cards fit perfectly in a backpack or purse.

Medical abbreviations and other medical notes round out the collection.

pen light

For Multi-Tasking: Hippocratic Stylus Pen Light

Multi-tasking is a way of life for the medical assistant, so when they receive a gift that helps them do that more often, they will be delighted. This three-in-one stylus pen gives your loved one a light stylus and pen all in one package.

The side of the pen contains a quote from Hippocrates, “Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”

The light is situated on the pen side, so your loved one can write in the dark, which is handy in many situations.

And it comes with a stylish gift box to make gift-giving easier.

Medical Assistant Gift Guide

As you’ve learned throughout this medical assistant gift guide, medical assistants are a unique breed of people who hold everything together during a crisis and still maintain a sense of humor. But they still like to be appreciated with fun or elegant gifts that show your support for their stressful and crucial career choice.

There are two things that you need to remember about giving gifts to medical assistants:

Keep it relatable
Keep it fun

Let’s talk more in detail about each of these guidelines.

Keeps Gifts Relatable

As with other people, medical assistants want gifts they can relate to, such as the wine prescription tumbler. Gifts that show your loved one that you understand their issues and support them mean the world to them. They must be able to relate to the gift to appreciate it.

Keep It Fun

The medical field is often very serious and can be traumatizing sometimes, especially with certain unavoidable situations that happen daily. A medical assistant might often need counseling to deal with the drama not to succumb to the stress. Gifts should be fun and entertaining to take their mind off their job, even just once in a while. Fun gifts, such as socks or band-aid badge holders, can put that spark back into their lives, even once in a while.


Well, that’s a wrap on this medical assistant gift guide. If your loved one enjoys any of the gifts listed in this guide, let us know in the comments. Have a healthy day!

30 gifts for a medical assistant

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