30 Sloth Gifts for Your Laid-Back Loved Ones

If you had told people 25 years ago that sloths would be everyone’s new favorite animal, they would have probably given you a very strange look and walked off without reply.

Sloths are odd animals that no one really even thought about a few decades ago. Now, they’re everywhere! You can find sloths on clothes, handbags, jewelry, coffee mugs and everywhere else.

They’ve almost become as well-loved and as proudly displayed as unicorns or kittens. Here are 30 of the best sloth gifts for the sloth lover in your life.

30 Sloth themed presents

hooded blanket

Sloth for the Day: Thnapple Original Authentic Slothy Sloth Wearable Hooded Blanket

Help your friend become her favorite animal for the day by buying her this adorable and extra cuddly hooded sloth blanket. It features two layers of warm, soft, 100% plush polyester fabric and comes complete with a furry sloth head on the hood and pockets for her hands that look just like sloth claws.

The sloth claw corner pockets are also super convenient because they allow her to use her hands without having to remove them from the blanket, so she can read a book, drink a hot mug of tea and even talk on the phone without ever having to expose her hands to the cold.

striped work tote

A Sloth Over Her Shoulder: Chala Striped Work Tote

This gorgeous tote is made of faux leather and canvas and is quite a bit larger than the picture makes it appear. Its dimensions are 12.5″ x 15″ x 3.5″, and the user pictures in the review section provide you with a much better example of the tote’s moderate size.

It can be used as a large purse or a mid-size work tote and can be converted into a crossbody bag simply by changing around the straps. The image on the tote is a lovely sloth hanging from a vine, and there are large front and rear pockets in addition to the large middle pocket with the zipper closure.

planter holder

Just Hanging Around: Sloth Hanging Planter Holder

If you’re looking for a sloth-themed gift that’s both unique and heartfelt, get your friend this handmade sloth succulent holder. Each one is crocheted by hand from environmentally friendly cotton. The “claws” of the sloth slip easily onto an included birch stick, which your friend can hang wherever she likes.

The succulent fits easily into the body portion of the sloth. It holds plants of about four or five inches. If she doesn’t want to use it as a plant holder, she can simply use it for decoration anywhere in her home or as an oversized Christmas ornament.


Beautiful Sloth Jewelry: Mother Gifts Sloth Necklace Mama Sloth Stuffed Animal Pendant

This gorgeous necklace is the perfect gift for the mother who loves sloths. There are several different designs available from the company, but this one is perfect if you’re looking for a gift for mom.

It’s made of real sterling silver that’s been polished to a brilliant, high shine with white gold for a shiny, sparkling finish. The design is simple – a mother sloth lying on a branch with her baby riding on her back.

Both of them are smiling, and the necklace just radiates love and happiness. The chain is included.


Light Up Her Life: ARTSYLAMP Wood Base Decoration Desk Table Bedside Light Lamp

If your friend’s home is decorated in a more natural style, utilizing wood and canvas in the design elements, this gift will fit right in with her decor. The base of the lamp is a simple, wooden base, and although the shade is made of plastic, it actually looks like canvas.

The shade is covered in tiny sloths sleeping, relaxing and just generally enjoying themselves. The shade is printed with non-fade inks and is made of state-of-the-art, translucent material so that the light from the bulb (not included) shines through nicely.


Sloths to Guard Her Books: Primitives by Kathy Bookends Sloth

You can’t really beat these sloth bookends as a gift for the reader in your life. They’re made of wood and measure 4″W x 7″H x 4″L. The bookends are an olive green color that fits in nicely with most decor, and each one features a matching gray sloth with a big smile and pretty, rosy pink cheeks hanging from a branch.

The bookends have rubber bottom “feet” to help hold them securely in place and keep them from slipping even when pressed against by the heaviest of books.

sloth figure

Gorgeous Modern Art: Enesco Edge Sculpture Sloth Figure, 18.5 inches

When it comes to high-quality modern art, it’s hard to beat the Enesco line of figures. Each piece is designed and hand-sculpted by Matt Buckley, an English sculptor with a very unique sense of style and design.

He’s well-known for his striking and original depictions of wild animals, and this sloth statue is no exception. Its dimensions are 12.75″ x 7.5″ x 18.5″, and it’s heavy enough to be displayed in your friend’s home without her having to worry about it falling off the shelf every time someone walks too hard through the house.

It’s a totally unique and original piece, and your friend is sure to adore it.

sloth stuffed animal

The Soothing Sloth: Lulumaia Sloth Heating Pad for Cramps, Stress Relief and Pain

This little sloth stuffed animal would be an adorably perfect gift for any sloth lover if all it did was sit on the bed and look cute, but this little guy does even more than that. Your friend can toss him in the microwave for a few minutes and then take him out and use him as a heating pad.

It’s a great gift for men, women or children and can be used to relieve stress, to lessen physical pain in the back, neck or other areas and to help with cramps. The sloth is filled with organic proso millet, which allows him to be heated to high temperatures and stay warm longer than other microwavable heating pads.

wood hanging sign

Inspirational Art: Agantree Art 6″ x 12″ Sloth Arrow Rustic Wood Hanging Sign

Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest ones. This sweet, rustic wall or door hanger is proof of that. It’s six inches high by 12 inches wide and is made of real, solid wood – not plastic or cheap particle board.

It’s durable and long-lasting, and it features a great message of affirmation for your friend or loved one. It’s a reminder that even on your friend’s best (or worst) day, there are still better things in store for her future.

Plus, the sloth on this board has a big chubby backside that’s just super adorable.

lunch bag

For Meals on the Go: LOKASS Lunch Bag Insulated Lunch Box Wide

If your friend eats a lot of her meals outside the house, she’s going to need a well-made, durable and long-lasting lunch bag that she can take with her each day to save money on dining out in restaurants and fast food places.

This bag is insulated and has a shoulder strap that’s both adjustable and detachable. The inside of the bag is large enough to fit two 9″ x 5″ x 3″ lunch containers, a 4″ x 4″ x 2″ lunch container and one bottled or canned drink.

It’s extremely durable and scores off the charts on the machine shake test. Best of all, it’s covered in sloths!

sloth hanging statue

A Hanging Decoration: Design Toscano QM2986400 Sinbad The 3-Toed Sloth Hanging Statue

This endearing, hanging sloth statue with its large eyes and sweet smile is perfect for hanging off the side of potted plants, shelves, entertainment centers and other things. It’s hand-cast from real, crushed stone that’s been bonded with high-quality resin, and every single statue is hand-painted by skilled artisans.

He’s about 15.5 inches in height and weighs a little over three pounds. It’s the perfect addition to any home or garden setting.

airpods case

Double Trouble Llama and Sloth: LALAPOPO Airpods 1/2 Cute Sloth Riding Llama Case

If there’s another strange, slightly random animal that’s almost as popular as the sloth, it’s definitely the llama. If your loved one is a fan of both, this is the gift for her. It’s an AirPods case that’s compatible with both the AirPods 1 and AirPods 2.

She can charge her AirPods wirelessly or regularly with this case without ever having to remove them. It’s made of premium TPU material for durability and is stain-resistant and easy to wipe clean. The design on the case features a sloth riding on the back of a llama, so it’s definitely double the fun for any lover of both animals.

ring holder decoration

An Adorable Place to Hold Her Rings: Cute Sloth Ring Holder Funny Sloth Art Decoration

This is a small, relatively simple gift, but it’s probably one of the cutest, most attractive options on the list. It’s an upside down sloth painted a rich brown with a gorgeous white face and large, black rimmed eyes.

It’s the perfect addition to any nightstand, dresser or counter by the sink. Your friend can simply remove her rings and drop them onto one of the sloth’s outstretched legs. His dimensions are 8 x 6 x 6 centimetres, and he’s made of resin.

There’s also a place on his flat stomach for another small trinket or item.

the sloth game board

Fun for the Whole Family: The Sloth Game

If you’re looking for a gift that your friend can enjoy with her whole family, The Sloth Game is it. Basically, this game gives your friend a new, exciting, sloth-inclusive way of playing charades. The included plush sloth acts as the game’s timer.

It also lets the player know which category on the card he or she should be acting out for others to guess. The player doing the acting can wear the sloth around his or her neck, waist or arm or use him as a puppet in slow acting or slothercize.

The fun of the game is that everything must be acted out sloth-style (slow motion).

women kimono

For the Sleepy Sloth: Custom Cartoon Sloth Women Kimono

This kimono-style robe is made of 100% polyester and is soft, comfortable and extremely lightweight. It’s a “one size fits most” item; the belt around the waist ensures an almost universal fit. It’s great for a nighttime robe or even just to wear around the house on a lazy day.

It features bold, brilliant colors and is blue with black trim. The print features various sized sloths hanging from branches and the words, “I’m lazy and I know it!” It’s a cute gift that’ll put a smile one anyone’s face.


Sloths in the Kitchen: NVJUI JUFOPL Cooking Kitchen Chef Apron Sloth Follow Your Dreams

Anyone who spends any amount of time cooking, whether it’s in the kitchen or at the grill, needs an apron. Cooking can be messy; even if your friend is one of the best chefs the world has ever known, she’s going to occasionally drip sauce down her shirt or get splattered by grease from the pan.

Get her this 100% polyester apron covered in leaves and flowers and featuring a sleepy sloth in the middle. It’s a little over 28 inches long and about 20.5 inches in width. It’s soft, fade-resistant, non-shrink, and resistant to wrinkling and pilling.

It also has a sweet reminder to your friend to “Follow Your Dreams.”

trinket tray

An Adorable Everyday Gift: HOME SMILE Sloth Trinket Tray “I Will Always Hang with You”

This is the perfect gift for a mother, sibling or best friend. It’s a small, square-shaped trinket dish that features two sleeping sloths hanging out together along with the message, “I will always hang with you.

” It’s a great dish for jewelry, spare change and anything that accumulates in your loved one’s pockets throughout the day. The sweet message in the center is a constant reminder to her that you’ll always be by her side and will always love her no matter what the world may throw at the two of you.

infuser and mug gift set

Everything She’ll Need for Tea Time: Fred TWO FOR TEA Infuser and Mug Gift Set Slow Brew

A lot of people think mugs are impersonal, unoriginal gifts, but if your friend loves sloths and is also a tea drinker, this set is both personal and perfect. It includes an adorable, 12-ounce, “Live slow, die whenever” ceramic mug, but more than that, it also comes with a gray, sloth-shaped tea infuser from Fred’s SLOW BREW.

Both the infuser and the mug are dishwasher safe and made from food-safe, BPA-free materials.


For Lazy Days: Micandle Women’s Sloth Yoga Pants Legging

These “Follow Your Dreams” sloth leggings are a great choice for the friend who likes to work out frequently or who just loves to lounge around on lazy days in leggings and a floppy sweater. They’re made of a spandex/polyester blend and are ultra-soft, breathable, incredibly stretchy and extremely comfortable.

They range in size from small to 3X, and they have a stretchy waistband that can accommodate a wide range of sizes in case you only know a size range rather than an actual, specific size. Bonus: They feature the same print as the apron in number 16 above if you want to coordinate!

sloth stuffed plush

Not the Real Thing, But Close: Bearington Simon Plush Three Toed Sloth Stuffed Animal

In most states, it’s illegal to own pet sloths, and even in states where it is legal, owning one is difficult and not always the best thing for the sloth. Because they’re exotic animals, they can’t be treated by regular vets, and there’s nowhere to board them if you go on vacation.

For all of those reasons, buying your friend a real pet sloth isn’t a great option. You can, however, get her the next best thing – Simon the Sloth, the 10-inch stuffed animal sloth with soft fur and three toes.

He’s made to look quite realistic, and the attention to detail on him, especially with his facial expression, makes him look quite lifelike. He’s soft to the touch and super snuggly, and whether your friend wants him to sleep with at night or just to display, he’s the perfect option.


For the Friend Who Loves to Read: Out of Print Literary and Book-Themed Unisex Cotton Socks

These socks are another great gift option for the friend in your life who loves sloths and books. Out of Print is famous for its various literary-themed items, and these socks are no exception. The gray and red color scheme is nice for either men or women, and the sloth holding the book is just too cute for words.

The socks come in either small or large and will fit most people’s feet. They’re made of 75% combed cotton and 25% polyester/spandex blend. They’re comfortable, durable, long-lasting and, most importantly, breathable to cut down on foot odor.

Plus, each time a pair of Out of Print socks is purchased, part of the proceeds go towards funding literacy programs and book donations for in-need communities.

ornament for christmas

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer: Midwest Cute Sloth Ornament Merry Slothmas

Because people buy gifts for all kinds of reasons, we don’t usually add in a lot of Christmas-specific gifts on our lists, but this small sloth ornament was too perfect to pass up. If you’re looking for a relatively small gift for a stocking stuffer or a “just because” gift, this makes a good one.

Its dimensions are 3.75″L. x 1.25″W. x 3.5″H, and it’s made of resin. It features an adorably winterized sloth clinging tightly to a branch and has the phrase “Merry Slothmas” on a banner across the top.

It’s a pretty simple, straightforward gift, but it’s sure to liven up the tree of any sloth-loving friend in your life.

pillow case

A Lofty Goal: Today I Will Do Absolutely Nothing by Sloth Square Decorative Pillowcase

This pillowcase, featuring a lazy, big-booty sloth, is perfect for the lazy, sleepy friend in your life. The case measures 18″ x 18″ square and lets everyone who sees your friend know exactly what her plans are for the day: doing absolutely nothing.

It can be machine washed, although the manufacturer notes that hand-washing is better. Note: The price is for the pillowcase only; it doesn’t come with an included pillow.

desk mat with coaster and sticker

Working with the Sloths: Cute Sloth Laptop Desk Mat with Coaster and Elephant Sticker

This brightly colored set combines three of many people’s favorite loves: sloths, elephants and the majesty of the galaxy. It’s an oversized desk mat/huge gaming mouse pad/desk blotter (however your friend wants to use it) that measures 31.

5″ x 11.8″ and is perfect for use under her mouse or keyboard. It also helps protect her desk from stains, scratches and everyday wear and tear. It can be rolled up for transporting, has stitched edges for a durable design and a non-slip rubber base to keep it from sliding all over the desk’s surface.

It’s got enough padding to provide your friend with a nice cushion for her wrists, and it’s both flexible and waterproof. This particular set also comes with a matching coaster and an included elephant sticker.

coin purse

The Cutest Place to Hold Change: Chala Coin Purse/Key Fob

This sloth key fob/coin purse has a lot going on with it. It’s made of many different pieces of colored synthetic leather for a 3D look and has a great tactile feel. It features metal buttons for eyes and all kinds of cute little details that make it look much more expensive than it actually is.

It’s great as a cute addition to your friend’s key ring, but as a coin purse, it’s not very effective. Because of its small size, it only holds a couple of quarters at most. It also makes a great decoration for a purse and can be purchased in tandem with the Chala bag in our number two place.

wine bottle labels stickers

Sippin’ and Slothin: Let’s Hang Sloth Wine Bottle Label Stickers

If you want to go in a slightly different direction with your gift, buy these labels and a few bottles of your friend’s favorite wine. If your friend’s a wine drinker, you already know you can’t go wrong buying her a delicious red or a sweet white.

Then get her these sloth wine labels to put on them instead of the regular labels for a unique, personalized gift. The set comes with four sloth-themed wine labels that fit any standard 750-ml bottle of wine.

You don’t even have to remove the original wine stickers before placing these on top of them. Just make sure the wine is at room temperature before you try to put these on the bottles. Otherwise they won’t stick correctly.

sticky notes

A Slothly Reminder: 4 Packs Cute Sloth Sticky Notes Memo Pads

These sloth sticky notes/memo pads are great for any student or office worker who loves this lazy animal. The kit comes with four packs of memo pads, and each pack has five different sloth patterns included.

Each of the five patterns includes 20 pages, for a grand total of 400 sloth-shaped sheets. They have a self-adhesive backing so she can firmly stick the notes wherever she needs them to go as a nice reminder to herself and others.

They liven up any notebook or desk, and they can also be used as bookmarks.

night light lamp

Light Up the Night: MarsGeek Sloth Mood Light Color Changing Night Light Idea

This sloth night light is made in a unique style quite unlike any other night light you’ve ever seen. It uses an LED light that cycles through seven different colors, and the sloth’s arms and legs are movable so he can be hung from different objects, including the cardboard tree stand that’s included in the kit.

It’s battery-powered and free-standing, and batteries are included.

cell phone grip holder

Small but Still Slothful: Sloth Is My Spirit Animal Cell Phone Grip Holder

Since practically everyone in the world now has a cell phone or tablet of some kind, PopSockets have become hugely popular. This one sticks on the back of your friend’s device and makes it easier for her to hold.

It also acts as a stand if she wants to prop it up to watch videos. This one is for anyone who thinks the sloth is his or her spirit animal.

coloring book

The Most Entertaining Waste of Time: Slow Farts: A Hilarious Sloth Coloring Book

This is the perfect gift if you’re looking for something small and silly that’s sure to bring a smile to the face of your friend who receives it. It’s a sloth-filled coloring book entitled “Slow Farts,” and it’s hilarious.

It has over 25 farting sloth coloring pages in it, and the cover alone is sure to elicit several giggles from even the most stoic of friends. The book is a standard, 8″ x 10″ book, and all images are printed on bright white, 60-pound paper stock.

What Is It about Sloths Anyway?

After seeing all these adorable sloth gifts, you may be wondering what exactly it is about sloths that make people like them so much. There’s no concrete answer to this question, although some people say the viral video of Kristen Bell sobbing after receiving a sloth for her birthday has largely contributed to their popularity. Other than that, though, what do sloths do that makes them so special?

Honestly, they don’t do a whole lot, which kind of makes them the perfect avatar for lazy people. There are two types of sloths in the world – two-toed and three-toed sloths. The name is slightly confusing, though, because all sloths have three toes on their back legs. It’s the number of toes on the front limbs that determine the sloth’s designation. Both types of sloths have similar lives; they spend 90% of them quietly hanging upside down.

They’re incredibly slow-moving creatures who can usually travel no more than 125 feet in a single day. At ground level, they move at slow speeds of only one foot-per-minute. They can swim quite a bit faster and have been known to hold their breath for up to 40 minutes.

Sloths’ diets consist of leaves, buds and tender shoots. In captivity, they enjoy certain fruits and vegetables as well. It’s rare, but some sloths have been known to eat insects or eggs to help supplement their diets. They have an extra vertebrae at the base of their necks. This extra vertebrae allows them to rotate their heads 270°, giving them a full, 360° view of their surroundings.

Perhaps another reason people have been drawn to sloths is their natural look. A sloth’s facial structure makes it look like it’s constantly smiling, no matter the disposition or temperament the sloth is actually feeling. Even when sloths are upset or agitated, they just keep smiling. This has caused people to mistakenly assume the sloth is the world’s “happiest animal.” It also makes the sloth incredibly cute.


Whatever reason your friend has for loving sloths, the important thing to remember is that she does, and you can help cater to her love of these slow, easy-going creatures by buying her a great sloth gift. Check out the comments below to tell us what you thought of our list. Did we miss any of your favorite sloth products that you feel should have made the list? Let us know all about it! Also, be sure to like and share our guide with others.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope to see you again soon.

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