30 Awesome Gifts for 3-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday

3-year-old girls are just getting the hang of holding conversations, sharing, playing make-believe, and using tools to complete tasks.

As your 3-year-old hits these crucial milestones, why not get them something for their birthday that will help them develop their newfound skills and stimulate their newly independent-thinking minds?

toy piano

For Musical Girls: Amy & Benton Toy Piano

You can’t go wrong with this toy piano, which will help your 3-year-old girl learn eye-hand coordination and develop their musical talents.

This toy piano includes a microphone, too, so they can sing along to their musical creations.

It even has a record function, demo songs, and many different modes to let your toddler use their imagination while picking up new skills.

magnetic building blocks

For a Girl With a Magnetic Personality: Magblock Magnetic Building Blocks

Magblock Magnetic Building blocks are some of the best building toys available. These toys are flat, plastic shapes with magnetic hinges that allow your child to assemble anything they can imagine.

From castles to rocketships to houses and furniture for their other toys, the possibilities are endless with Magblocks!

As a bonus, they are easy to store, and they don’t hurt when you step on them.


For the Zen Girls: Barbie Breathe With Me Meditation Doll

Why get your 3-year-old a standard barbie when you could get her one that will teach her positive and practical life skills?

Barbie Breathe With Me Meditation Doll has a unique setting that plays easy meditation exercises when you press her moon-shaped necklace charm.

Barbie will lead your little one through 5 different breathing and meditation exercises.

Barbie also comes with a puppy, who holds one of five different emoticons, which help children identify anger, love, sadness, and joy.

This Barbie doll is the perfect gift for any child. Still, it is incredibly fantastic for those who experience worry and anxiety or could use some help articulating their emotions.

princess board game

For the Princesses: Pretty Pretty Princess Board Game

This classic 90’s board game is finally back just in time for your 3-year-old’s birthday. Young girls will love playing this game with family and friends as they get to dress up in jewelry during the game.

Play to the end to see who gets to wear the tiara and become the Pretty Pretty Princess!

dinosaur adventures tour playset

For a Girl Who’s Dino-Mite: Baodlon Dinosaur Adventures Tour Playset

This dinosaur-themed playset includes ten dinosaur figurines, six plastic trees, an interactive play mat, an easy-to-read informational booklet, and a storage bin.

The toy’s versatility will help your toddler use their imagination and learn skills such as sharing, playing make-believe, and reading while having a great time!

This set will also stay entertaining to children for years to come, making it a practical gift too.

explorer and bug catcher kit

For the Girl Who Loves Bugs: Essenson Outdoor Explorer & Bug Catcher Kit

If you want to encourage your 3-year-old girl to get outside more, give them this fantastic bug catcher kit.

The kit includes binoculars, a compass, a butterfly net, a magnifying glass, a critter case, a whistle, tweezers, magnifying bug containers, a hat, and a backpack — everything they need to discover the tiny world of the bugs living in your backyard!

pop-up princess tent

For the Indoor Campers: Hide N Side Pop-Up Princess Tent

Young kids love to have their own little forts to play in, and you can’t find a better one than the Hide N Side Princess Pop Up Tent! It’s the perfect size for one or two children.

There is a tunnel the kids can climb through and another smaller tent attached for balls and other toys.

The tent also has glow-in-the-dark stars painted on it, making it a perfect napping spot too!

crayola color coloring kit

For the Girl Who Colors Outside the Lines: Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Kit

If your 3-year-old loves to color but often makes a mess, look no further. Crayola’s Color Wonder markers are invisible on anything other than the special Color Wonder paper, keeping your young one from drawing all over furniture and clothes.

This set includes 24 coloring posters, four sticker sheets, and 25 markers, all in a carrying case. So, you can take this mess-free set anywhere you and your little one go, and you can be sure that they won’t leave a mess.

pillow pets plush toy

For the Sleepy Girls: Pillow Pets Strawberry Sloth Plush Toy

Pillow pets are some of the most popular stuffed animals for kids since they double as pillows, too. Whether your little one is on the road, at a sleepover, camping, or just lounging around at home, pillow pets are there to offer their practical plush support!

These animal plush toys come in many shapes and sizes.

Some of their best sellers for young girls also include their Lavender Unicorn, JoJo Siwa Rainbow Unicorn, and Playful Penguin.

There are plenty of portions to choose from, so you can’t ever go wrong with a pillow pet!

Mr. potato head silly suitcase

For a Sweet Potato: Playskool Mr. Potato Head Silly Suitcase

Every kid needs a Mr. Potato Head! The Silly Suitcase set includes 35 pieces, allowing your child to let their creativity and imagination take the reins.

Mr. Potato Head is also an educational toy since it will help young children learn to sort items and put them into Mr.

Potato Head’s body. So, with this classic toy, you can have it all!

play doh play table

For A-Dough-Rable Girls: Play-Doh Play N Store Kids Play Table

Kids have loved Play-Doh for decades, and it is always an excellent choice for birthday gifts. This set includes eight colors of play-doh, over 25 tools, and a convenient play table with two storage compartments to keep everything mess-free.

With its convenient play table, this Play-Doh set is fantastic for younger girls. In addition, the dough is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your little one trying to snack on it.

book of coloring

For Girls With Colorful Personalities: Little Bee Books My First Big Book of Coloring

This giant coloring book with simple, large images is perfect for entertaining your little one on the go or at home.

With almost 200 pages of thick, high-quality paper to color in, this book will last a while!

The designs are simple enough for any age, making this one of the best coloring books available for youngsters.

butterfly garden

For the Social Butterfly: Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

There’s nothing as magical as watching caterpillars turn into beautiful vibrant butterflies right before your eyes!

Share the gift of nature with your 3-year-old, and they’ll never forget the experience of taking care of their butterflies with this kit.

The kit includes caterpillars, a feeding station with food, a net butterfly sanctuary, a chrysalis hiding log, and a kid-friendly workbook with games to keep them interested.

african animal figurines

For the Explorer: Volnau Animal World African Animal Figurines

As three-year-olds develop their imaginations, they’ll want toys that allow them to imagine new worlds and characters while playing, making this African animal playset a perfect gift for them!

It comes with 13 large plastic animals, so it will be easy for her to simulate conversations, dream up exotic landscapes, and take her creativity to the limit with these figurines.

You can also teach young children to identify animals with them! These BPA-free, non-toxic animals are also safe to chew on and use in the bathtub, and they come in a handy storage bin.

kids karaoke machine

For the Vocalists: N\A Kids Karaoke Machine

Karaoke machines will help your 3-year-old girl develop confidence, independence, and sharing skills. However, they are also a lot of fun!

Let your child embrace their inner rockstar with this adorable USB-rechargeable machine!

The machine will allow your young one to record and play songs of their own creation, and you can even use a memory card to upload the recordings onto your computer to save and share their songs.

The karaoke speaker also works as a Bluetooth speaker with a phone, computer, or tablet, so you can also play your child’s favorite songs on it!

walkie talkies

For the Talkers: Selieve Kids Walkie Talkies

Let your kid get creative with these excellent, child-friendly walkie-talkies. There are so many ways to use them!

Bring them on your next shopping or hiking trip, or just let your kids use them in games of make-believe.

The walkie-talkies have a 3-mile range, so you won’t ever have to worry about losing connection.

The toys also have a built-in flashlight for playing in the dark!

washable markers

For the Young Artists: Do a Dot Art! 6-Pack Washable Markers

These Do a Dot markers are fantastic and unique coloring tools that make drawing more fun! The pack of eight markers will help your little one learn to identify colors, and they are entirely non-toxic, washable, and drip-free.

So, you won’t even have to supervise your child while they use these markers to develop new and imaginative illustrations.

interactive sound book

For the Book Worms: ABC & 123 Learning Songs Interactive Children’s Sound Book

If you want to introduce your 3-year-old to the world of reading, there’s no better way to do so than with a sound book. This excellent book includes a panel of buttons that play educational songs when you press them.

The songs are all instrumental, which means that when you teach your child the words to familiar nursery rhymes like the Alphabet Song, 10 Little Ladybugs, If You’re Happy And You Know It, and seven more classic educational songs, they can follow along in the book.

With beautiful color illustrations, they ‘ll recognize the lyric pages for each tune, helping them understand the basics of reading.

musical intrument set

For the Rockstars: 10 Piece Musical Instrument Set

Making music is a fun and educational experience for 3-year-olds, and they are sure to love this vast musical set!

The set includes cymbals, a tambourine, clacker, maracas, a triangle, tone blocks, and a beautiful wooden storage box.

With all of these unique, non-toxic instruments, let your little one discover tone, rhythm, and volume while improving their eye-hand coordination.

This set is also perfect for collaborative play, so watch as your 3-year-old learns to share and starts their own little rock band in your home! You can be sure that they will gain confidence and self-esteem from creating music for you!

paper bag puppets craft kit

For the Girl Who Always Lends a Hand: ALEX Paper Bag Puppets Craft Kit

Craft kits are always excellent gifts for toddlers and older children. With these paper bag puppets, your three-year-old can create their own imaginative characters, write stories, and put on a play for their friends and families!

Puppets are some of the best tools for learning interpersonal skills, too, so use these fun, easy crafts to help your child learn how to communicate, share, and interact with their friends better.

snap pop beads

For the Young Designer: ROSYKIDS Snap Pop Beads

Snap pop beads are the dress-up accessory that every 3-year-old wants! With over 600 pieces in a convenient storage bin, your little one can design their own accessories, picking their favorite colors and shapes to make a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Since these beads pop into each other and you can easily reuse them, your child will never get bored with them in the years to come.

Beyond jewelry making, try crafts like making windchimes, hats, room decor, and so much more.

Kids will learn fine motor skills, develop the ability to use buttons and snaps, and increase their eye-hand coordination while engaging in imaginative, collaborative play.

coloring posters

For the Girl Who Makes You Feel Warm and Fuzzy: 18 Pack Unicorns & Fairy Tales Coloring Posters

Fuzzy coloring posters are fun to use, but they also help younger girls learn to color inside the lines.

With 18 different unicorns, fairies, and princesses, this poster pack will bring their favorite fairy tales to life, all while encouraging them to use their imagination and learn more about art.

The coloring posters are also easy to transport, making them an excellent source of entertainment while you’re out on the town or staying at home.

wooden building blocks set

For the Imagineer: Pidoko Kids Wooden Building Blocks Set

These wooden building blocks are some of the best toys for young children, and, let’s be fair, they’re still pretty fun to play with when you’re an adult and parent.

This 100 piece set of blocks is sure to fire up your little one’s imagination, allowing them to make anything they can dream of.

Many of the blocks are also painted with bright, child-safe paints, helping 3-year-olds identify and coordinate colors.

The set also comes with a convenient storage bin with a shape sorter on the top, making cleanup its own game!

bath toys

For the Girl Who Always Makes a Splash: E-Wor Bath Toys

Making bathtime fun is an excellent way to teach your child more about healthy routines. As your three-year-old ages, she’ll become much more independent and start to understand how to take care of herself on her own.

So, if you want your toddler to look forward to bathtime, get some of these wind-up toys and let her enjoy the process of learning to have good hygiene.

tabletop paper roll dispenser

For the Girl Who’s on a Roll: Melissa & Doug Wooden Tabletop Paper Roll Dispenser

This massive roll of paper is perfect for any kid or adult who loves to make art! The possibilities are endless with this 75-foot-long (22.8 m) roll of 12-inch-wide (30.5 cm) paper.

Make paper mache, create posters, doodle, make collages, paint, and let their imagination soar!

Refills are available, making it easy for you to encourage your little one to keep creating.

play food set for children

For the Foodies: OCATO Play Food Set for Children

This 32-piece plastic food set is the perfect gift for kids who like to engage in imaginative play.

Each food item opens up, helping 3-year-olds learn to sort, identify, and count food. Taking the food apart and putting it back together on their velcro strips will also help children develop better eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills, making these whimsical play food products educational, too!

You can help your child set up their own pretend grocery store, host tea parties for their toys, family, and friends, or create their own special imaginary kitchen!

The set also comes in a large plastic ‘grocery basket,’ which will help you and your little one keep their play area clean while sparking their imagination.

crayola washable sidewalk chalk

For the Chalkative Girls: Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is an excellent, mess-free way to encourage three-year-olds to learn more about art and share it with the whole neighborhood.

With 64 washable colors, this set is the absolute best sidewalk chalk for people of all ages.

Teach your little one to make hopscotch boards they can share with their friends, play a game of marbles, or allow her to give your driveway or sidewalk an extra pop of color.

dress-up duo set

For the Earresistible Girls: Calico Critters Dress Up Duo Set

With their soft velvet texture, opposable limbs, and adorable, highly detailed outfits, Calico critters are some of the best dolls for imaginative play.

Give your little girl this set, complete with a mother rabbit, a daughter rabbit, a gorgeous satin outfit for each doll, and two little handbags and hats.

She’ll love using these dolls to imagine new stories to play out.

caterpillar stuffed animal

For the Girl Who’s Always Hungry: Kids Preferred the Very Hungry Caterpillar Stuffed Animal

Whether you want to encourage your little girl to read or want to give her a cute and cozy plush animal to snuggle with, this Very Hungry Caterpillar, based on Eric Carle’s award-winning children’s book, is a gift that would excite any three-year-old.

For the perfect gift, include The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book version in your present so that you can teach your little one to read to her very own caterpillar before bed.

memory game

For the Memorable Girls: eeBoo Life on Earth Memory Game

Memory games are perfect for three-year-olds as they begin to have curiosity for learning new words.

This reading-free game is fun to play alone or with family and friends, making it highly versatile.

It also helps young children learn to focus, and it will help develop their memories, giving them the perfect off-screen opportunity to engage in educational play.


Buying Gifts for 3-Year-Olds
Three-year-olds have just discovered the world of language, and most of the time, they’re inquisitive. They want to learn new words, find new ways to communicate with family and friends, and make new relationships.

Because they want to learn to communicate, some of the best toys and games for 3-year-olds have educational applications. Picking gifts that encourage sharing, learning to read, and singing are all popular choices because they teach little ones to interact with others and build friendships.

Three-year olds can also draw basic images, and they’re usually very interested in drawing and coloring, so art supplies are a great choice. Coloring also helps them develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

They’re also much more coordinated, and they often like outdoor activities that require jumping, climbing, and running. Encouraging young children to get outside is essential at this age as they develop healthy habits, so giving them gifts that they can use outdoors will help them stay active.

At this age, children also learn to express their feelings. Giving them outlets to learn healthy reactions to emotions like sadness, anxiety, happiness, and anger is crucial. Art, singing, make-believe, social activities, and routines can help them learn to find positive ways to feel their emotions.

Last but not least, at 3, children learn about their imaginations and the power of make-believe. Encouraging your child to learn through their creativity will help them in many ways as they grow. So, giving them toys that they can use to make stories, play out scenes from their lives, and test new words and ideas is always a great way to help them develop.
Final Thoughts
By the time a girl turns 3, she has just discovered an entirely new world full of new words, friends, emotions, and skills. She will want to explore, so giving her educational and shareable gifts is usually the best idea.

What gifts do you turn to when their 3rd birthday rolls around? Let me know in the comments!

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