30 Fascinating Birthday Gift Ideas for 6-Year-Old Girl

As your daughter’s birthday approaches, you will start to make your “what to buy” list. However, it’s natural to see many people hit the rock at this stage because they don’t know what to buy.

Read on to find 30 fascinating birthday gifts you probably never thought about for your six years old girl.

30 Gift Ideas for a 6 years old girl’s birthday

crayola sprinkle art shaker

To Support Her Interest in Art: Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker

This genius art set from Crayola will give your 6-year-old kid an opportunity to explore her creative side. Girls at this age can use glitters to decorate drawings without dirtying the carpets or their clothes.

It’s easy to use, so you can keep your little angel busy with it while you handle your daily chores.

Each pack contains five bottles of sprinkle colors, twelve sheets of paper, and six glue bottles.

Kids just have to add paper and sprinkles, then shake to create arts that will captivate their imagination. It is an excellent gift idea for girls from ages 5 to 8.

soap and bath bomb lab

To Bring Out Her Interest in Sciences: Thames & Kosmos Ooze Soap & Bath Bomb Lab

Yes, your little girl is six, but it’s not too early for her to develop an interest in chemistry. This fascinating kit helps them develop this interest by mimicking actual chemistry experiments.

With this, your little girl can feel like a scientist producing bath products.

Each pack includes safe, non-toxic materials, so you won’t need to be scared of possible injuries. There’s also an illustrative user manual that you can use to guide your child.

creatto craft puzzle

To Develop Her Creativity Level: Thames & Kosmos Creatto Craft Puzzle

Kids love to express their creativity, and they’ll appreciate any opportunity to explore a new creative craft. This set features everything they’ll need to take their creativity level to the peak.

The pieces feature a unique plastic interlocking design that makes them resemble 3D puzzles.

Kids can begin to learn hand-eye coordination at a young age using this toy. There’s also an attached string of LED lights to make each view striking to their young minds.

junor baby elephant

To Introduce Her To Care Giving: Juno Wildluvs Baby Elephant

The highly realistic and playful moving trunk of this Juno baby elephant catches the fancy of kids. Your kid will enjoy watching Juno use her trunk to make beautiful trumpet noises, play games, eat her peanuts, and interact with her toy mouse.

The makers of this toy designed it to seem shy at first, but she soon warms up around your kid. In addition to keeping your kid busy, this fantastic toy also introduces them to the act of caregiving from a young age.

rush hour game

To Improve Her Logical Reasoning Ability: ThinkFun Junior Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game

Yes, your kid has probably seen you play the Rush Hour game before. Why not bring them up to speed with the fun by introducing them to a kid-friendly version they’ll like.

There’s probably no better way to stimulate their brains and get them thinking fast at a young age than this game.

With this game, your kid can begin to develop logical reasoning skills even before they know.

The game’s difficulty level is progressive, so your kid can gradually transition through different stages while becoming a better planner.

This gift is the logical choice!

LEGO dream castle

To Make Her Playtime Enjoyable: Lego Disney Cinderella’s Dream Castle

Like Cinderella, your little princess dreams of owning a castle too. Bring her dream to pass by buying her this beautiful toy set.

They are not just beautiful; they also come with accessories to enhance your girl’s playtime.

Your daughter can use it for reenacting her favorite scenes from Cinderella.

The pack also contains mini-figures of Cinderella and her Prince Charming. It makes for a beautiful, magical experience for your little one.

racing car toy

To Introduce Her to the Engineering World: GILOBABY Racing Car

The best part of this gift is that it allows kids to feel involved in assembling their own car. It’s a beautiful way to introduce your little girl to the world of automotive engineering. The set comes with the complete plastic tools needed to assemble a car.

Kids can leverage this gift to show off their creative ability since it allows them to design the car based on their preferences. It’s an ideal gift for nearly every occasion. Beyond building the car, kids can enjoy beautiful playing moments trying to drive the car.

board game

To Help Her Learn Healthy Competition: Peaceable Kingdom Race Competitive Kids’ Game

At this age, kids may seem little, but they enjoy healthy competitions as much as you do; maybe more. Here’s something to help them learn while working with other team members to win competitions.

The game allows kids to build a path with their team while racing to beat an ogre to the treasure.

They’ll love the fact that it will enable everyone to play together. Hey, you can play with them once in a while too, you never can tell how much they’ve learned at their little age.

cards game

To Help Her Become a Better Thinker: PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Junior

Kids often enjoy games that let them play in multiplayer mode. This card gives them everything they want in a multiplayer game. It’s easy to play, and they can learn within a short while.

Each player picks a card and answers the question written on it within 5 seconds.

With 200 cards containing 400 questions, a game board, six pawns, and a 5-seconds twisted timer, there’ll be loads of fun for everybody. Kids don’t just enjoy this game; they also build their ability to think quickly from it.

pie face game

To Enjoy Fun Moments With Friends: Hasbro Pie Face Game

Do you want your kid to enjoy a game that brings a good mix of fun and suspense during her spare time? This gift is the perfect gift for her. This pie game has become very popular among kids her age, so she’ll love the possibility of owning one.

Light up your kid’s special day today by giving her a game that features so much fun.

The game box features a throwing arm, a pie thrower, a chest rest, two handles, a sponge, a chin rest, and a spinner.

It’s everything you need to enjoy family bonding time.

kids hover soccer ball

To Keep Her Entertained for Long: WisToyz Kids Hover Soccer Ball

It is time to get your kid involved in the game they love. Keep your kids active indoors so they don’t feel upset the next time it rains. This is a perfect way to unleash your kid’s fun without sweating out.

They watch soccer players and dream of being like the soccer players they watch.

Help them start living their dreams with this beautiful hover soccer set. The set comes with two goals and a hover soccer ball that glides across the floor smoothly while flashing its lights.

This set is an excellent toy for keeping your kids entertained for hours.

moon star light

To Make Her Sleeping Time Better: ATOPDREAM Amusing Moon Star Light for Kids

Buy your kid a gift that will create the fairytale ambiance in her room. The item is a perfect room accessory to buy for your kid that’s scared to sleep alone at night. The toy features a unique design and projects lights onto the walls and ceiling to give your kid’s room a new definition.

The starlight projector would help you create a sky-like illusion in your kid’s room so that she can enjoy a beautiful sleep. Its light is not bright or flashy, so it won’t affect your kid’s sleep in any way.

It comes in an attractive pack, making it the perfect gift for any occasion.

gaming bop it

To Make Family Bonding Time More Enjoyable: Hasbro Gaming Bop It

You’d probably remember the original version of this toy from the last decades of the 1900s. Well, here’s an updated version with more features. Like the original version from your youthful days, this one challenges kids to perform several tasks quickly and in a precise order.

Yes, it often takes time for kids to get the hang of it, but once they do, they enjoy every minute of playing with it. It comes with a beautiful package, but more fascinating is the game modes. Bop it guarantees lots of fun and laugh time for kids and adults alike.


To Introduce Her to Outdoor Games: Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter

Scooters are beautiful gift items for people of different ages, but little kids are especially fascinated to enjoy the experience of owning one. There’s no better way to introduce your little angel to the scooter world than with one that’s designed for their age.

The Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter features an exceptionally smooth glide and great style. In addition to being durable, it’s also easy to use, so your kid can quickly get the hang of it.

hey clay animals for kids

To Introduce Her to Clay Making: Hey Clay Animals for Kids

We all want to see our kids exploring their creative side. This beautiful modeling clay from Hey Clay allows them to learn while creating. It comes with app-based instructions that guide your little ones through the steps of creating some genuinely adorable critters.

The kit features 18 mini canisters of brightly colored, non sticky, and soft clay that kids can use to produce detailed cartoony creations.

This gift doesn’t just help kids develop an interest in clay molding; it also guides them through the intro-to-professional phase of clay making.

Grab one for your kid’s birthday today and watch them light up at the prospect of recreating popular cartoon characters.

rollercoaster and building game

To Help Improve Her Intellectual Ability: ThinkFun Rollercoaster STEM and Building Game

Hands down, one of the most innovative games for kids under 6, this toy brings everything a kid needs to have fun while learning. At first sight, it looks like a mere puzzle that pieces together to form a rollercoaster.

But there’s more to it than just trying to arrange puzzle pieces.

The game helps kids develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills. Guess what? Adults can also enjoy the fun that comes with playing this game.

So you are actually buying it for your kid and yourself.

grow and glow terrarium

To Bring Out Her Interest in Agriculture: Grow and Glow Terrarium

At ages 5 and 6, your kid is just learning to be inquisitive. Ever thought of leveraging this inquisitiveness to introduce them to the works of self-learning? This terrarium is the right tool for you. It’s a gift that never stops giving, especially to kids who are already developing an interest in science.

This kit contains everything for them to explore the wonders of science while also enjoying the fun of art and crafts. It makes it easy for them to nurture plants and develop their own mini-ecosystem.

The whole idea of the kit is for kids to watch their aquarium grow and glow.

LEGO classic suitcase

For a Better Blend of Creativity and Imagination: Lego Classic Creative Suitcase

Kids pick lessons from the things they see every day. They want to carry suitcases and look all serious like you too, and this suitcase allows them to look like young professionals. The Lego suitcase is built to provide hours of entertainment for kids and their guardians.

Grab one for your little one today to instill the creativity that Lego is already famous for.

It triggers creativity and imagination without taking away the fun of their playtime. Although it’s a starter pack, you can be guaranteed that it features just the perfect accessories for your kid’s intellectual development.

mini basketball hoop

To Arouse Her Interest in Sports: SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

One beautiful fact about this basketball hoop is that it works for both kids and adults. Therefore, while buying a gift for your kid, you tactically also get yourself the perfect stress reliever. With this mini basketball hoop, you can be guaranteed that you are finally bringing your kid’s cherished sports indoors.

It doesn’t just look great. It also comes with excellent construction. So, it mostly withstands your kid’s rough usage. Guess what? It is also an awesome gift idea for your older kids.

latchkits mini rug sewing kit

For Beautiful Knitting Experiences: LatchKits Mini-Rug Sewing Kit

Your daughter may be little, but she discusses craft with her peers too. Often, they admire older Knitters and want to try their hands in knitting too. Introduce your little girl to knitting by buying a kit that has it all.

The LatchKits Mini-Rug Sewing Kit is the perfect kit to introduce your daughter to knitting yarns. Beyond using plastic needles, this set comes with other safety accessories to help your kid avoid injuries.

It’s also easy to use and contains an intuitive manual, so your kids can pick up viral knitting skills when you are away.

kids exploration kit

For Better Intellectual Development: Ozlife Adventure Kids Exploration Kit

These days, the interest in exploration comes naturally for most kids. This adventure exploration kit by Ozlife allows them to explore without bounds. It’s an application-based game that’s loaded with tons of exciting information to expand your child’s knowledge.

You just need to download the app on your phone, then turn the camera to a part of the globe to capture a region that your kid wants to know about. This way, kids can get all the information they want about an area without going there.

scratch and sketch creative art book

For Better Connection With Her Favorite Folklore: Scratch and Sketch Creative Art Book

Take your kid on a magical journey to an enchanted castle with Polly and her unicorn friend. Again, this book allows kids to explore creativity while learning about one of the most beautiful kid’s stories available today.

With this book, kids can trace the story, revealing multicolored gold or swirls as they do. The included scratch-art paper does not feature any design, so kids can also try out free drawings if they want.

dot marker for kids

The Best Practice Kit for Arts: Chalkola Washable Dot Marker for Kids

Kids love colors, so more colors will mean more fun for them. This washable dot marker from Chalkola allows them to have fun while learning creativity from scratch. The set includes ten dab markers of different colors to enable kids to create watercolor masterpieces for family and friends.

A fun way to encourage self-expression and concentration. The product’s unique design means that you won’t need to deal with ink leakage or similar incidences. More fun for your kid and less work for you.

encyclopedia of very important things

To Help Her Become a Better Researcher: Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

At their age, kids generally want to learn new things about themselves and their environment. This book provides a fun way for them to learn more about themselves and their environment.

First, your kid can learn about her geographic location and the different weather conditions.

It also teaches them about simple human behaviors and body parts. The 224 pages book features a storytelling structure to teach students about their environment.

necklaces for kids

To Make a Fashion Statement: Qualitoys Beaded Play Necklaces for Kids

We all want the best materials for the intellectual development of our kids, but we can’t overlook their fashion too. Your daughter might need to unleash her inner fashionista, and you owe it to her to let her stylish side go wild.

Light up her mood today with one of these sets that helps her make a fashion statement among her peers. It’s a beautiful combination of style, class, and quality—An obvious option if you want your daughter’s confidence to soar through the roof!

friends bootsie

For Company: FurReal Friends Bootsie

Your daughter has probably been fantasizing about owning a kitten or cat. Here’s a way to fulfill her fantasy without necessarily needing to adopt live cats. This toy kitty would be an excellent gift for your daughter’s birthday if she’s been yearning for a little fluffy friend.

You don’t need to worry about food, attention, or a litter box. However, this doesn’t take anything away from the realistic feel of this Bootsie. You don’t have to worry if you already have a cat at home.

This toy cat can be an excellent company to your cat while motivating it to be on its best behavior.


The Best Fashion Piece for Outdoor Parties: ReliBeauty Kid’s Drop Shoulder Dress for Girls

If you want a costume to give your daughter the aura of royalty, then this is it. Designed in different sizes and colors, you’ll find an option that suits your daughter’s physique. You can also purchase it as a matching outfit for your kids if you have two princesses in your life.

Kids generally love the dress design because it’s based on one of their favorite Disney princesses, Aurora. The top features several unique designs, including a bow, gold trim, and a fringe. It’s a dress that matches your daughter’s personality.

explorer and bug catching kit

The Best Exploration Kit for Outdoor Adventure: ESSENSON Outdoor Explorer & Bug Catching Kit

Your daughter is not too small to experience the beauty of the outdoors. This exploration kit offers them just the right tools to develop an interest in adventure. Packaged in a beautiful gift box, this adventure kit will help your girl never get bored with outdoor family times.

It’s the perfect kit to get for a daughter that’s always glued to the TV. Finally, she’ll have a reason to experience the beauty of the outdoors.

led gloves

To Light Up Playtimes: KITY LED Flashing Gloves for Kids

Kids love light, so it’s not surprising that they quickly fall in love with this fabulous set of lighted gloves. They look and function as snow gloves. However, its catch for children is the ability to turn to different colors are different times.

Imagine the amusement of seeing your daughter think she’s a magician because of the gloves changing lights.

Since it is designed from lightweight and quality breathable cotton materials, you can expect top-notch comfort for your daughter.

light-up archery set

To Get Her More Interested in Outdoor Sports: Liberty Imports Girls Light Up Archery Set

One look at this set, and you can tell that it’ll beat every girl’s fancy. It’s easily one of the best beginner-level archery sets for kids. Finally, a toy that your kid can use for indoor and outdoor plays.

With this set, you don’t have to fear the safety of your kids because the arrows are made with lightweight plastic. It also features gorgeous colors, which makes it easy for kids to fall in love with it.

Buying Guide

Your little angel is getting older, and yet again, another birthday is fast approaching. Yes, birthdays may simply mean birth anniversaries, but to your beautiful angel, it means more. It’s a time when they expect all the love and affection in the world. What better way to show the little girl you love care on her birthday than getting her a beautiful gift?

There are too many gifts in the market today, but not all of them are an excellent fit for your six years old girl. Well, we’ve listed some beautiful gift ideas in this article already, but you probably want total control of the choice you make. Here’s a review of some factors to help you make the right choice of birthday gift for your six years old girl.

Make Gift-Giving an Experience

Don’t think your daughter is too small to appreciate your effort to be creative with her gift. One mistake many people make is to buy a gift for the sake of buying. Think out of the box for things she’ll love to have. Ask other parents for possible ideas or observe the things she’s always admiring.

Also, learn to be creative with the packaging. Don’t just hand them the gift like that. Think of gifting as an event you’ll want to forever remain in your daughter’s memory.
Make a List of the Things She’s Interested In

If you are observant enough, you might have seen some things that catch her fancy. Write as many of them as you can, even if it takes more than a few minutes. Now, brainstorm different gifts to go with each item on your list. You don’t have to buy every gift on your list, but it’ll help you get some cool ideas that will make your daughter’s day.

Ask Yourself What She Needs

Your daughter may be small at her age, but that doesn’t stop her from having her needs. You can figure out what they need if you think broader. What are their likes and areas of interest? Fortunately, you’ve lived with them for years, so it’ll be easy knowing their needs.


There you have it, a detailed list of gift ideas for six years old girls. Do you find these gift ideas interesting or feel we should add some more? Leave a comment below and share to enlighten more people.

30 gifts for a 6 years old girl

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