30 Adorable Gifts for 8-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday

At the age of eight, your little princess graduates into an independent young lady, developing her physical abilities, skills, and social identities.

At this stage, she may be engaging in team sports, clubs, and other social activities based on her hobbies and interests, which can make choosing her birthday gift an overwhelming task.

However, to save you the hassle of struggling to find a perfect gift for your young lady, I’ve compiled this list containing 30 of the top-rated birthday gifts for an 8-year-old girl.

treasure keeper safe

For Safe Treasure Keeping: Fat Brain Toys My Treasure Keeper Safe

Can you recall how much you struggled to keep your treasures away from your nosy siblings and friends when you were young? Despite your efforts, your siblings found access to them in one way or another, and you were devastated, right?

Luckily, you can help your little princess take control of all her treasures by getting this beautiful and durable treasure keeper safe.

This treasure keeper safe also comes with ample storage space to accommodate all your girl’s valuables.

It’s secure in that you need both a key and a number combination to access the treasure held within—such a thoughtful birthday gift to help your girl store her treasures.

acoustic guitar starter kit

For the Little Guitarist: Best Choice Products Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit

Parents are advised to nurture their kids’ talents from a young age. If you realize your princess has a thing for musical instruments, especially a guitar, getting her this beginner acoustic guitar starter kit will melt her heart.

This beautiful, wooden, and highly portable right-handed guitar comes with 6 steel strings, 19 frets, a digital tuner, and a pitch pipe to offer pleasantly-sounding tunes. It’s the ultimate starter kit that will take your little guitarist’s talent to another level.

adjustable inline skates

Skate With Style: JIFAR Children’s Adjustable Inline Skates

If your girl loves skating, she’ll love this pair of adjustable inline skates from JIFAR.

These skates have a unique design featuring ABEC-7 bearings, eight 82A PU smooth wheels, soft lining material, and extra padding around the toes to ensure a smooth and comfortable skating session.

In addition, your kid will never outgrow these skates because they have a size regulator that allows you to make adjustments as your princess grows.

This thoughtful gift will add a new twist to your baby girl’s skating sessions with these flashy skates available in purple and blue, depending on your princess’s favorite color.

unicorn pool float

For Summer Pool Parties With an Added Twist: JOYIN Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float With Glitters

If your girl is a lover of the beach or pool, you can surprise her with this large unicorn floaty featuring eye-catching sparkly glitters and two handles for increased stability and balance.

While it’s easy to inflate (with a pump), underinflating it makes it more comfortable for your 8-year-old to sit on.

This adorable unicorn floaty will help your princess create lasting, fun summer memories, whether at the beach, river, or pool.

It’s also a fantastic addition to your girl’s collection of summer toys!

water bottle

Stay Hydrated With Style and Color: Just My Style Color Your Own Water Bottle

Drinking water is healthy, and you can encourage your baby girl to keep drinking her water by getting her this DIY water bottle coloring kit.

This kit comes with everything your bubbly 8-year-old girl needs to customize her water bottle to her style and liking, including markers and sparkling adhesive gemstones.

Besides, this kit comes with a carabiner your angel can use to clip the bottle on her backpack or pants.

This gift offers such an amazing way to unleash your girl’s creative side while still encouraging her to stay healthy by drinking water more regularly.

kid kitchen knife set

For Learning Knife Skills Using Safety Techniques: CCUT 6 Pieces Kid Plastic Kitchen Knife Set

Does your girl like offering a helping hand whenever you prepare meals in the kitchen? Are you afraid she might get hurt by the sharp kitchen knives? Worry no more; you can now get her this kitchen knife set to satisfy her craving for helping during meal preps.

It comes with 6 plastic knives, which includes three cusp knives and three square knives–all with serrated edges. These knives are ergonomically designed for your girl’s small hands.

In addition, this knife set has a pair of cut-resistant gloves for the guaranteed safety of your 8-year-old girl.

This birthday gift set allows your girl to safely help in the kitchen while building on her fine motor skills.

unicorn bathrobe

For a Unicorn Hooded Robe: Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

If your 8-year-old girl is obsessed with unicorns, this unicorn hooded robe can be a perfect birthday gift for her.

She’ll love the prints and the soft, comfy fit, that the quality material and the elastic belt provides.

You can find this bathrobe or sleepwear (whatever she prefers to use it for) in different prints such as rainbow, pink hearts, rainbow galaxy, blue daisy, and rainbow retro, to mention a few.

Add a unicorn’s magic to your girl’s bath and sleep sessions with Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe or sleepwear.

girls building blocks

For a Little Creativity With Building Blocks: VERTOY Girls Building Blocks

Gosh! Where was this set of building blocks when I was growing up? I would have made the most out of it!

The VERTOY Girls Building Blocks builds on your birthday girl’s imaginative thinking and creativity.

This package comes with a windmill house, a mini-doll, mini-cat, flower bed, motorcycle, and a building manual.

Your little princess will enjoy creating infinite scenes using the 246 blocks found in this set.

jewel rings

Something for the Little Ring Lovers: PinkSheep Little Girl Jewel Rings

Does your girl pop into your jewelry box and try fitting in your rings? If so, you can get her this beautiful, kid-friendly set of rings.

PinkSheep Little Girl Jewel Rings comes as a set of 24 differently designed rings, including fake gem, sunflower, and butterfly rings, to mention a few.

You don’t have to worry about the rings fitting into your girl’s fingers because they are adjustable.

These durable rings are made of high-quality nickel-free metal and acrylic, making them skin-friendly and easy to maintain.

If you always struggle with buying presents for your daughter, try out this lovely set, and you won’t regret it.

nail stamper

A Little Touch of Manicure for the ’Gram: Cool Maker, GO GLAM Nail Stamper

If your princess enjoys manicure sessions at the salon, you can now bring the salon closer home by getting this nail stamper and nail studio from Cool Maker.

This package comes with 5 nail patterns and will decorate up to 125 nails and the recommended Go Glam nail polishes, which are a water-based, kid-friendly formula so the polish is easy to remove.

Creating customized manicure patterns using this nail studio is pretty easy. Your eight-year-old girl can just pop her preferred pattern in the machine, paint her nails with an ideal base paint then press stamp.

Her design options are endless.

interlocking plastic disc set

Interlock Her Creativity: Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set

Besides the standard building blocks, your child can also use this set of interlocking discs to display her natural creativity and imaginative thinking.

This set from Brain Flakes comes with 500 disc pieces and a handy instructions manual that your birthday girl can use to create almost anything she can think of, from houses and towers to cars and swords.

This disc set is ideal for solo play or team activities. Don’t be surprised if you, too, get attached to this disc-building set!

bracelet making kit

Bead the Creativity: JOYIN 6000 Pieces Beads, Bracelet Making Kit

You don’t always have to buy ready-made jewelry for your princess. Instead, you can teach her the art of creativity by gifting her this 6000 beads set for her 8th birthday.

It comes with 28 different designs of non-toxic beads.

Shapes include hearts, flowers, letters, geometric shapes, and shells, to mention a few. In addition, it has 4 string colors: red, yellow, green, and blue.

With these pieces at hand, your little lady can learn how to make different bracelets, necklaces, hair bands, and rings independently.

kids gardening tool set

For a Colorful Gardening Set: Wisekid Kids Gardening Tool Set

This gardening tool set comes as a perfect gift if your little girl likes accompanying you to the garden.

It includes 12 quality and kid-friendly garden tools, including a trowel, rake, fork, tote bag, watering can, apron, gloves, plant tags, and two plant pots.

All the items here are durable and perfectly designed for your girl’s little hands.

Expose your curious little one to garden-related tasks with this cute set of garden tools.

makeup toys for kids

For the Makeup Fanatic: AstarX 23Pcs Makeup Toys for Kids

For an 8-year old obsessed with makeup, the most thoughtful present you can give her for her birthday is an all-in-one makeup kit like this 23 piece kit from AstarX.

This cute makeup kit for a little fashionista comes with everything she needs for a complete makeover.

She’ll receive face powder, a powdered puff and foundation brush, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, and many more “must-have” items.

All the cosmetic products in this set meet the US toy safety standards and are free of lead and parabens to ensure they are gentle on your girl’s skin.

Even better, they don’t have added scents, are easily washable, and are non-toxic.

This present will help your princess perfect her makeup skills, and she won’t have to use your expensive makeup to do it.

kids cooking and baking set

For the Aspiring Chefs: JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking and Baking Set

Many girls like helping out in the kitchen, but parents sometimes lack kid-friendly tools for them to use.

So, if you are looking for a perfect birthday gift for an 8-year-old who likes being in the kitchen, look no more than this kids’ cooking and baking set from JaxoJoy.

It comes as a collection of 12 pieces, including an apron, oven mitt, whisk, chef hat, 4 differently shaped cookie cutters, a glove, and a wooden spoon. The package also comes with a bonus kids’ cookbook containing a few recipes for the little chef to try out.

All the utensils are high-quality, durable, and functional, thus perfect for an aspiring little chef to enhance her skills.

musical jewelry box

Music and Jewelry Box: Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box for Girls

You can’t imagine the wide smile on your girl’s face when she first opens this unicorn box, and she sees a unicorn dancing to a magical tune.

Besides the dancing unicorn, this box also comes with a beautiful unicorn necklace and bracelet for your precious angel.

This Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box is designed with ample storage space, including three well-sized compartments for the safe storage of other precious treasures.

unicorn slime kit

For an All-in-One Slime Kit: Original Stationery Unicorn Slime Kit

If your girl is a unicorn slime lover, this all-in-one slime kit from Original Stationery is a hit for her 8th birthday.

It comes with everything she needs to make unicorn slime, such as unicorn beads, glue, ink, slime containers, glitters, tool knife set, textures, and more.

All the ingredients here are kid-friendly and safe for use.

This is a perfect gift to offer your princess endless hours of creativity, fun, and entertainment.

brain game

For a Little Mind Ignition: ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

This Maze Marble Run Brain Game is a perfect birthday gift if you are looking for a combination of fun and mind-challenging puzzle games for your princess.

By playing her way through the various marble challenges, your little girl builds on her spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and planning skills.

This logic game comes with 60 fun-filled challenges from beginner to expert level, a game grid, 1 target piece, 9 towers, and 3 marbles. It also has instructions to help in tackling the challenging tasks beforehand.


For a Cute Backpack: Hyundly Cute Cat Face Backpack

This backpack is designed to mimic a cute cat face making it eye-catching for little girls.

This little backpack is made of high-quality nylon fabric on the outside, which is water-resistant, wear-resistant, and easy to clean.

In addition, the shoulder straps and back are padded for a comfy feel. Your little princess will enjoy carrying this cute backpack to school for sleepovers and any outdoor activity.

This backpack is available in sizes large and medium and comes in both black and pink shades.

fat brain toys off bits animal kit

Unique Art of Bolts and Nuts: Fat Brain Toys Off Bits Animal Kit

Take your 8-year-old girl on a wilderness adventure with nuts and bolts from this animal construction kit.

It comes with high quality and perfectly interlocking nuts and bolts to allow for the construction of a flamingo and any other thing your girl can imagine.

Thanks to the handy instructions manual, it is easy to build and rebuild different items.

This unique and fun artwork builds on your girl’s spatial reasoning and motor dexterity.

glow in the dark rock painting kit

For a Little Creativity in the Rock World: Creativity for Kids Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit

Take your eight-year-old’s creativity a notch higher using this rock painting kit. It comes with 10 rocks and water-resistant paint that glows in the dark.

Your little princess will enjoy customizing the rock painting patterns, and she will likely hide the rocks outdoors to watch them glow in the dark.

fashion design sketch portafolio

For the Little Fashionista: Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio

Unleash your little fashionista’s creative and artistic skills with this fashion design sketch portfolio.

This fashion sketchbook comes with 40 sketch sheets featuring pre-printed models’ silhouettes for easy drawing.

In addition, it has 4 removable stencil pages and over 100 assorted stickers, and 50+ clothing and accessories for versatility—such a thoughtful gift for a fashion fanatic.


Ride in Style: Razor DeltaWing Scooter

Kids love scooters, and you can now put a smile on your daughter’s face with this 3-wheeled scooter. It’s perfectly designed for kids featuring a 2 piece “Y” drop handlebar, high-tech polymer wings, and front, hand-operated brake, so you don’t have to worry about your girl’s safety.

This cute scooter is a perfect birthday gift to keep your princess active and healthy.

hair chalk comb

For a Little Touch of Color to the Hair: New Hair Chalk Comb

Help your princess jazz up her hair look with this kit containing funky temporary hair chalks.

It comes with an ergonomic comb and a set of 6 vibrant hair chalks that add a touch of color to your eight-year-old’s hair.

She can decide to use one color at a time or blend them all for a crazy but beautiful rainbow-like look. These colors work best on light hair, such as blonde.

These temporary hair dyes are non-allergenic, easy to wash off, and environmentally friendly, so you don’t have to worry about her messing up her perfect locks.


For the Little Superstar: Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Singing Microphone

If there’s a little superstar inside your 8-year old girl, a birthday present that would melt her heart is this portable Bluetooth karaoke microphone.

Your little angel will enjoy singing her heart out with this machine’s excellent speakers and a strong echo effect that leaves her feeling like a real superstar.

The magical voice changer adds a twist to this karaoke microphone by allowing your little one to change her voice to 5 variations, among them a robot’s and man’s voice. You can find this microphone in purple, blue, and rose gold.


For a Bracelet Charm: Birthday Charm Bracelets

You can never go wrong with a piece of high-quality jewelry for a birthday present.

Your princess will be fascinated by this birthday charm bracelet on her 8th birthday. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel engraved with the lucky number 8, a heart, moon, sunflower, and star charms.

This birthday gift is a fabulous choice to mark this important birthday milestone.

toys girls secret message lab

Shhh… Here’s a Little Secret: SmartLab Toys Girls Secret Message Lab

Your 8-year-old girl will feel elated learning a few secret codes she can use to communicate with her friends.

This secret message kit uses invisible ink to expose invisible words while still teaching the science behind the mystery.

It comes with everything your girl needs to know about creating secret codes and writing secret messages.

journal set

For the Joy of Journaling: Hapinest DIY Journal Set

Introduce your girl to the joy of journaling on her 8th birthday by getting her this kid-friendly girl’s journaling set.

This 70-page journal features a pen, glue stick, 3 bookmarks, 6 paper clips, a tassel with charm, 9 decorative cardboard cutouts, and silver glitter tape.

Basically, it has everything your princess needs to venture into the creative and fun world of journaling.

archery bow and arrow set

For a Little Action: Liberty Imports Light Up Archery Bow and Arrow Set

Take your princess into the action-packed archery world with this pink bow and arrow set.
The package comes with a beautifully designed bow, 6 arrows, a quiver, and 3 LED light settings.

You don’t have to worry about your princess’s safety because the arrows are kid-friendly, designed with notched ends for easy aiming and a suction-cup-like head that safely sticks on the target.

This package allows your girl to build on her hand and eye coordination as well as shooting skills.

made by me weaving loom

For Weaving Lessons: Made by Me Weaving Loom

This weaving set comes with a sturdy plastic weaving loom, about 165 vibrantly colored loops, a kid-friendly plastic crochet hook, and a step-by-step instructions manual. ​​

Your princess will enjoy weaving an endless list of items from the 3-step weaving journey that entails over, under, and repeat procedures.

Watch the smile on the birthday girl’s face as she shows off her beautifully woven products.


Gift Buying Guide
During her 8th birthday, your princess is slowly transitioning and her interests are changing. Here, she’s developing special skills and begins to recognize and appreciate her talents and abilities, and this may make her picky when it comes to gifts and toys.

So, here’s a simple buying guide you can use to get a perfect birthday gift for your little lady.

Age: If you’re getting a toy for her birthday, factor in the age limit. Most toys have age specifications on their packages, so you should get one recommended for an 8-year-old.
Child’s preference: It’s also important to consider what your little princess likes. Is she into musical instruments, makeup, games, cooking, etc.? Get a gift that matches her preference.
Creativity: For an 8-year-old, you should get a gift that encourages creativity and other skills such as imaginative thinking and spatial reasoning.
Reviews: Before getting a gift, go through customer reviews to help you gauge the level of satisfaction the product provides.
Quality: You don’t want to get a gift that will break down or wear out within a few weeks or months. Therefore, factor in the quality of the product you are getting.
Finding the perfect birthday gifts may appear like an easy and fun activity, but it can actually be overwhelming–especially when dealing with kids transitioning from one stage to another, like the 8-year old girl in question.

This article offers a glimpse at some thoughtful gifts you can get your little girl for her 8th birthday. Feel free to share the tips with your friends and let us know in the comments below which gift wowed your 8-year-old girl on her birthday!

8 years old girl gifts


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