30 Gifts for 5-Year Old Girls That Take the Cake

If you are not sure what to get that special girl in your life for her 5th or 6th birthday, we have you covered.

We know it can be challenging to find a gift that a young girl would use and enjoy, so we have put together a list of some of the most fun, educational, and practical presents for 5-year-old girls, leaving out all of those toys that get used once, then are left to sit in the closet for months.

30 Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Girls

garden nature cottage

For Girls Who Love Fairies: My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage

This little fairy house has a built-in flower pot with a drainage spout that comes with succulent seeds and potting soil, making it an excellent choice for any girl who likes fairies and plants.

The flowerpot cottage also comes with a tea set, table, ladybug house, wind spinner, mushroom chimney, a water barrel that collects excess water from the flower pot, and a lily pad.

It also comes with a fairy named Isla, a butterfly, two ladybugs, and a frog to live in the cottage.

hopscotch rabbit family

For the Animal Lovers: Calico Critters Hopscotch Rabbit Family

Calico Critters are soft, velvety little animals with jointed arms, legs, and turning heads. The Hopscotch rabbit family comes with four unbelievably soft, cute rabbits, including a father named Harlin, a mother named Heidi, a brother named Skip, and a daughter named Bell.

Each rabbit has their own removable, highly detailed outfit, making them the perfect gift for a girl who loves animals.

coding critters scamper

For STEM Girls: Coding Critters Scamper and Sneaker

Designed to teach young girls the basics of off-screen coding, Coding Critters Scamper, and Sneaker won the toy of the year award for children ages four and up. Scamper and Sneaker, two adorable cats, come with a house, slide, yarn ball, cat toy, and a storybook with fun off-screen coding instructions that guide children in playing games like fetch, feeding, petting, and taking care of these adorable kittens.

crayola markers

For the Doodlers: Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets

Scribble Scrubbie Pets include two white dogs, a cat, and a rabbit that kids can draw on, wash, and then recolor, making the possibilities endless. Scribble Scrubbie Pets come with six Crayola markers, four washable animal figurines, a scrub tub for washing, a scrub brush, and instructions.

crazy forts

For the Blanket-Fort Builders: Crazy Forts

Every kid loves to hide in blanket forts, and now they can design their own castles, rockets, houses, and so much more with Crazy Forts.

Crazy Forts comes with sticks and ball joints that kids can use to build and rebuild frames for blanket forts.

Because they are completely customizable and adjustable, kids can design their structures, making this an excellent gift for any kid with a great imagination.

play doh supercloud

For the Play-Doh Players: Play-Doh SuperCloud

Everyone knows that kids love Play-Doh, but now, Play-Doh has designed new modeling putties and slimes with unique textures that kids will not be able to resist. Play-Doh SuperCloud is a fluffy, soft take on the original Play-Doh, and will leave any kid wanting more.

With an endless supply of play and fun, Play-Doh SuperCloud never gets old.

light up terrarium

For the Plant Lovers: Dan & Darci Light-Up Terrarium

This kit includes everything that a child needs to grow their edible sprouts indoors, helping them take care of their own plants while cultivating their love for gardening. The light-up terrarium makes a great nightlight, and your child can even eat the sprouts when they are done.

It comes with:

– A terrarium jar with step-by-step instructions
– Light-up jar lid
– Micro-USB charging cable
– Blue sand
– Bunny and mushroom miniatures
– River rocks
– Vermiculite
– Wheatgrass and Chia seeds
– Removable stickers for decoration
– A spray bottle
– A wooden stick to help plant the seeds

bath bomb kit

For a Young Scientist: Dan & Darci Soap & Bath Bomb Kit

If you know a girl who likes creative and fun science projects, this soap and bath bomb kit is the way to go. With this kit, kids can make their own colorful, fragrant, glittery soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, and salt scrubs.

It is super simple to use, making it perfect for kids who want to learn to do their own science experiments and enjoy what they make.

pendant making kit

For Girls Who Like Jewelry: 2Pepers DIY Pendant Making Kit

This pendant-making kit is a spectacular gift for girls since they can make their own customized pendants and necklaces. Each kit comes with glue, over 200 images, and ten chains, glass covers, and pendant trays of various shapes, which makes it easy for girls to create and share their own DIY jewelry.

Kids can use the pre-supplied images or draw their own, making this kit the perfect way to make keepsakes that last a lifetime.

unicorn glitter globe kit

For the Unicorn Lovers: BMe Unicorn Glitter Globe Kit

If you know a girl who likes unicorns, this DIY unicorn snow globe kit is the perfect gift for them. It comes with an unpainted ceramic unicorn snow globe base and a plastic globe, paint, glitter, clay, and tiny bottles that you can make glitter potions with.

Kids can customize their snowglobes however they want, adding different colors of glitter, modeling decorations to go inside, and painting it however they wish.


For the Writers: Life Is a Doodle Locking Journal

Every girl needs a journal, and this stylish, cute locking journal complete with a matching pen and bracelet might just be the perfect way to help girls learn to write and draw. With its soft cover and secure lock, this is a great gift for absolutely any girl who likes to draw and write.

markers set

For Young Artists: Fruit Scented Markers Set

These amazingly fragrant fruit-scented markers come in a cute, glittery unicorn pencil case, and will surely give kids an endless supply of fun!

With 44 different pens, including markers, gel pens, and scented crayons, this kit is perfect for any girl who loves to draw, color, and design.

The kit also comes with scratch-and-sniff stickers and an augmented reality capability with the Itsy Unicorn World app, adding something extra special to these great scented markers.

pressed flower art kit

For the Flower Girls: 4M Pressed Flower Art Kit

This fantastic flower pressing kit will bring kids closer to nature and teach them to make art with flowers growing outside. The flower press is reusable, so kids will never get bored with collecting and pressing their own flowers to add to art, cards, their walls, and so much more! It offers an endless supply of indoor and outdoor fun, making it perfect for any girl.

rock painting kit

For the Girls That Rock: Dan & Darci Rock Painting Kit

This fun, easy rock painting kit will rock any kid’s world! It comes with paints including metallic and glitter paints, ten rocks, stickers, googly eyes, stick-on gems, paintbrushes, and a sponge, making it a great, all-in-one kit for any girl with a creative side.

After they have painted all of the rocks in the set, they can use stones that they find outdoors to make their own creations with the paints, so the fun never ends with this kit!

holicolor air dry clay kit

For the Sculptors: Holicolor Air-Dry Clay Kit

With 36 colors of air-dry clay, plastic sculpting tools, and accessories like earring backs, blank rings, keychain strings, ornament fasteners, and miniature plastic ice cream cups, this kit is a great hands-on gift for any girl! The clay is non-toxic and dries hard, making it easy for kids to model anything they can imagine.

watercolor coloring book

For the Painters: Klutz Watercolor Dreams Kit

Complete with paints and a watercolor coloring book, this is an excellent gift for girls who like to color and paint. The watercolor paints are built into the coloring book, and it comes with a brush that fits into the set, making this kit a perfectly portable way to keep creative girls entertained wherever they go.

This set is an excellent gift for teaching girls how to use watercolor paints. You will be amazed by all of the sweet designs that they can make with this fun book.


For the Moody Girls: Fun Jewels Unicorn Mood Ring

When you are a kid, there is nothing more magical than mood rings. This cute, unique unicorn mood ring with a rainbow mane is perfect for any girl, and you can be sure that they will love how it changes colors! It has an adjustable band so that it can last a lifetime and comes pre-wrapped in a cute gift box, so it is ready to be delivered to that special little girl in your life.

planet rubber kickball

For the Playground Heroes: U&C Planet Rubber Kickball

Everyone knows that the most popular kid on the playground has a kickball. Giving a young girl a kickball will provide them with hours of fun to share with family and friends, making this kickball one of the best gifts out there.

This kickball comes in a fun blue elephant print and a bright star print because no girl’s kickball should just look ordinary.

girls can do anything book

For the Readers: Girls Can Do Anything by Caryl Hart

One of the most important gifts you can give that special little girl in your life is the message that Girls Can Do Anything, so this book is a perfect gift to any girl. It is ideal for girls aged 5 to 7 who have just started reading and will make an excellent book for girls who need books that can help them learn to read.

On top of that, this book is a great way to teach girls that they can do anything they want to do, helping them to form their own dreams and stay empowered.

butterfly garden kit

For the Butterflies: Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

No kid would turn down the opportunity to raise beautiful butterflies and their homes, and with this kit, you can help a little girl get her wings. This kit comes with:

– Painted lady caterpillars
– Caterpillar food
– A collapsible mesh habitat
– A chrysalis log to keep the chrysalises on
– A butterfly feeder

The kit also includes a guided journal for kids to keep track of their butterflies’ growth, teaching kids to write and keep track of things in a scientific setting.

The journal also includes fun games such as word searches, life-cycle learning practices, and other activities to keep the young ones entertained while waiting for their butterflies to fly.

drawing pad

For the Tabletop Doodlers: Washable Drawing Pad Placemats

These cool placemats are a great way to make mealtimes more fun for young ones. Complete with a set of washable markers, kids can draw on these placemats, which are washable with just a rag and some soap, and then color them all over again.

There are four different designs, including space, jungle, sea, and unicorns, so your kid will never get bored with all of the possibilities of these anti-slip, BPA-free, durable placemats.

gemstone dig kit

For Rock Collectors: National Geographic Gemstone Dig Kit

This gemstone dig kit is an educational, fun kit that lets kids excavate their own gemstones, identify them using the instruction booklet, and keep them for the rest of their lives. Included in the kit is a large brick with 15 rocks buried inside, excavation tools, a magnifying glass, and a full-color learning guide, letting kids learn science while digging up their own beautiful gems.

Once they dig up their treasures, they can identify them and learn more about gemstones.

bug catcher kit

For the Bug Enthusiasts: Essenson Bug Catcher Kit

For kids who like to catch and look at bugs, this all-in-one bug catching kit includes all that a girl needs to collect bugs and look at them up-close. This kit will turn any girl into a backyard explorer and comes with:

– Binoculars
– A compass
– Butterfly net
– Magnifying glass
– Critter case
– Whistle
– Tweezers
– Bug containers
– A camouflage hat
– A backpack

This gift is perfect for any girl who is curious about the wonders of the world around them.

rainbow kite

For the Fly Girls: A Great Life’s Huge Rainbow Kite

This kite is sure to be something that a girl would keep around for many years after their 5th birthday. With a broad wingspan of 42 inches (106 cm), this vibrant rainbow kite with two streaming tails is easy to launch and even easier to fly, so it is sure to take to the wind.

It is very durable and easy to put together, but is built to last, so this gift will bring kids and their families and friends together for many years to come.

wooden  musical intrument set

For the Musicians: Chriffer Wooden Musical Instrument Set

This completely eco-friendly, non-toxic musical instrument set is a perfect gift for any girl who loves music. With 15 different instruments, including a tambourine, hand drums, bells, maracas, a flute, castanets, a clapper, and more, these all-wood musical instruments are soft and portable.

The set also comes with a biodegradable storage bag. No matter where you go or how old a kid is, these musical instruments are sure to provide hours and years of play.

teas set

For the Tea-Riffic Girls: Pre-World Teas Set for Girls

Every little girl needs a tea set to host tea parties and invite all of their favorite friends, toys, and family members. It includes 41 pieces and a sturdy carrying case that makes tea parties easy to set up anywhere.

This kit includes everything that a girl needs to get the party started, such as:

– One teapot
– Four teacups
– Four coasters
– A serving tray
– Four spoons
– Four plates
– A cake stand
– A cake shovel and box
– A dessert plate
– Tablecloth

The set also includes plastic tea party food such as doughnuts, macarons, egg tarts, cookies, and cakes.

This tea party set has it all, and it will be sure to provide any girl with tons of fun for years to come.

magnetic building blocks

For the Builders: Magblock Magnetic Building Blocks

Magblock building blocks are a unique take on building blocks with their flat profile and magnetic design. Since magnets join them, they are incredibly versatile, and kids can use them to make all kinds of structures, models, and designs.

They are fun for kids of all ages and will continue to be entertaining for many, many years to come.

These magnetic building blocks are durable and have rounded edges, so you don’t need to worry about children hurting themselves.

This set includes 103 pieces, allowing kids to make as many things as they can imagine with these creative blocks. There are pieces of all different shapes and sizes, so kids can use them to make tiny houses for their dolls or massive castles.

Indeed, the possibilities are endless with these building blocks, making them a perfect gift for any creative girl.

home planetarium

For the Stargazers: Deep Space Home Planetarium

Whether you know a girl who wants to learn more about constellations, likes science, or just wants a beautiful nightlight, this Deep Space home planetarium makes a perfect gift. This battery-powered planetarium has a rotating projection that can display constellations or actual images of the night sky on your walls or ceiling, bringing a clear view of all of the stars right into your bedroom.

You can also turn off the rotation setting and use the light projector to view 24 different NASA images captured by high-powered telescopes on your wall, including close-ups of planets, spacecraft, astronauts, and nebulae.

unicorn pillow

For the Nappers: Pillow Pets Colorful Lavender Unicorn

Pillow pets are everything that a girl needs both at home and on the go. They are flat pillows that fold in half to become enchanting stuffed animals, making these versatile comfort objects necessary for everyone.

The Lavender unicorn Pillow Pet is one of the most popular Pillow Pets. With its lovely, plush purple fluff and floral backing, it is sure to please any girl who wants to be comfortable while reading, napping, sleeping, or watching TV.

Kids love that Pillow Pets are cozy, cuddly stuffed animals that make great pillows, no matter where they are, which places Pillow Pets among the best gifts for young girls. They are also extremely useful and, if you give one of these lovely plushies as a gift, you can be sure that kids will use them for many years to come.

walkie talkies

For the Talkers: amazing Kids Walkie Talkies

These battery-powered walkie-talkies are the perfect pick for any girl who is ready to go on covert missions with their friends. They come in a wide array of colors and work at a range of 2 miles (3.2 km), allowing kids to talk to their parents and friends from afar, which can come in handy during imaginative games of play.

They also have a built-in flashlight that helps kids see the way while they are having fun at night or in the dark.

magic set for kids

For the Magical Girls: Learn & Climb Magic Set for Kids

This wonderful kid’s magic kit comes with several different tools for magic tricks and an instructional DVD that leads kids through all of the tricks they can do with the box’s devices. After learning the tricks, kids will be thrilled to perform for their friends and family, encouraging them to learn how to be good public speakers and confident performers.

Buying Presents for a 5-Year-Old Girl

When kids turn five, they are ready to learn new skills with an interest in understanding how the world works. The toys and gifts listed here are all perfect for the curious minds of 5-year-olds that will teach them new skills to help them discover their interests.

By the time a child is 5-years-old, they can cut things, follow instructions, understand how money works, and comprehend the difference between reality and make-believe.

Five-year-olds show a strong interest in pleasing their friends, and they usually try to be more like their friends, which means that they love to play games with friends and share experiences with them.

Toys, games, and activities that kids can share with their friends make some of the best gifts for 5-year-olds, especially at birthday parties, and they can help kids make friends and learn more about teamwork, communication, sharing, and respect.

They are also just learning to write, and can usually write some letters and numbers. Because 5-year-olds are just beginning to experiment with academic subjects like reading, telling stories, writing, and counting numbers higher than 10, educational activities and games are an excellent pick for their curious, inquisitive minds.

This age group also has a strong desire to become independent. Because 5-year-olds like to do things on their own, offering them opportunities to do things independently and without parental supervision can help them feel confident and empowered. Science kits and crafts are excellent for boosting children’s self-esteem and teaching them that they can do things independently.


These fun educational gifts will bring life to the party and put a smile on any 5-year-old girl’s face. If you have any questions, or want to share some of your great gift ideas, please leave a comment below!

30 gifts for 5 years old girls


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