30 Fullmetal Alchemist Gifts They’d Give an Arm & a Leg For

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most popular anime series of all-time and has garnered millions of fans worldwide. If you know someone who is a big fan of this iconic anime, you’ve come to the right place.

Below we’ll explore 30 gifts that any Fullmetal fan will go crazy for!

Gift Ideas for Fullmetal Alchemist fans


A Shirt They Won’t Want To Take Off: Fullmetal Alchemist Men’s T-Shirt

This is another must-have for the Fullmetal fan in your life! This super cool t-shirt design will be sure to blow them away so much they’ll never want to take it off. This ultra-comfy tee has everyone’s favorite alchemists on the front, Ed and Alphonse.

The printed-on tee will never fade and will stand the test of time. This t-shirt will bring your loved one lots of compliments, and it’ll quickly become their new favorite shirt.

pocket watch

Their New Favorite Staple Piece: Fullmetal Alchemist Pocket Watch With Chain Box

Anyone who has seen the series has most likely looked into how much it would cost to sport Ed’s iconic pocket watch. Your loved one will immediately become obsessed with this gift and want to take it with them everywhere!

This watch comes in black, bronze, or silver, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

This iconic piece also has all the infamous engravings from the show written on the inside! If you’re looking to buy a gift for a Fullmetal super-fan, this gift definitely won’t disappoint!


For the Sticker Lovers: Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Stickers, 50pcs

These high-quality vinyl decals are a must for any Fullmetal fan in your life. Your loved one won’t be able to wait and put these vibrant and waterproof stickers all over their belongings. This purchase comes with 50 different stickers, all of them showcasing the entire Fullmetal cast!

Whether they choose to deck out their favorite water bottle or the front of their laptop, these stickers will look phenomenal anywhere!

crew magnet

Gifts That Will Stick With Them: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Crew Magnet

This set of magnets will look amazing on any Fullmetal fan’s fridge. This purchase comes with eight different magnets, all of them showcasing other characters of this beloved show.

These high-quality magnets are durable and have vibrant illustrations of your loved one’s favorite Fullmetal character on the front! From Ed to Winry to Roy Mustang, your loved one will be sure to find a magnet that has their favorite character on it!


To Cuddle Up Under While Watching Their Favorite Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Ultra Soft Micro Fleece Throw Blanket

This ultra-comfy throw blanket is 50×40 and will make a perfect addition to your loved ones’ cozy night-in. This comfortable and warm fleece blanket is an ideal gift for the Fullmetal fan in your life, as it has the iconic Flamel symbol on the front.

You’ll find this symbol on Edward’s trademark red coat and Alphonse’s armor, making it a must-have for any fan of the show. Your loved one will love to cuddle up under this super soft throw and watch their favorite series!

<mouse pad

A Cool Edition to Their Desk: Fullmetal Alchemist Custom Made Anime Small Mouse Pad

This Fullmetal mouse pad will look amazing on your loved one’s workspace and will be sure to brighten their day every time they sit down at their desk. This mouse pad is made of a thick, non-slip material that will stand the test of time, allowing your Fullmetal super-fan to enjoy it for a long time.

This breathtaking illustration will impress the Fullmetal fan in your life, so what are you waiting for? Add this awesome mouse pad to your cart today!


Their New Everyday Hoodie: Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric Full-Zip Jacket

This one-of-a-kind hoodie will make your loved one feel like they’re one of the main characters on Fullmetal. This comfortable and breathable hoodie will become your loved one’s new favorite piece of clothing; they’ll never want to be without it.

The red jacket has the infamous Flamel symbol on the front and back, which is sure to be a conversation starter anytime your loved one wears it out!

funko POP fulmetal alchemist Ed

For Fans of Ed: Funko Pop Animation Fullmetal Alchemist Ed

This awesome Funko Pop is a perfect gift for any Fullmetal fan and Funko Pop collector. If your loved ones’ favorite character is Ed Elric, this one-of-a-kind collectible will look perfect on their bookshelf or desk.

The miniature Ed stands three inches tall and will be sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face every time they see it. If you know someone who is a big fan of this anime or manga, add this amazing Funko Pop to your cart today!

Funko POP fullmetal alchemist Alphonse

For Fans of Alphonse: Funko Pop Animation Fullmetal Alchemist Alphonse

This iconic Alphonse Funko Pop will look perfect next to the Ed figurine we mentioned earlier. This Funko Pop stands three inches tall and will look great on your loved one’s bookshelf or desk.

If you know a Fullmetal fan who loves Alphonse, this is a perfect gift idea for them! Pair Alphonse with his brother Ed and let your loved one show off this impressive collection that they’ll be sure to love.

funko POP Alphonse with cats

For Fans of Alphonse With Kittens: Funko Pop Animation Fullmetal Alchemist Alphonse Elric

Alright, so while we just mentioned an Alphonse Funko Pop above, this one includes adorable kittens! It’s clear to see this gift is a must-have, and this special edition figure will be sure to make your loved one smile.

This figure is three inches tall and includes multiple kitten figurines that will instantly warm anyone’s heart. If you know a Fullmetal fan that loves Alphonse and the adorable cats he attracts, this may be the perfect gift idea for them.

funko POP king bradley

For Fans of King Bradley: Funko Pop Fullmetal Alchemist King Bradley

Everyone’s favorite villain is ready to be added to the collection! This three-inch King Bradley Funko Pop will be sure to pop out and make an impression on any Fullmetal fan. This is also a perfect gift idea for any anime fan who is always adding to their Funko Pop collection.

Whoever you’re buying this for, they’ll feel your wrath when they receive this incredible gift.

funko POP fullmetal alchemist

For Fans of Colonel Mustang: Funko Pop Animation: Fullmetal Alchemist

Calling all Colonel Mustang fans! Here’s another must-have Funko Pop that needs to be added to your loved one’s collection ASAP! This figurine stands at three inches and will be sure to make your loved one smile.

Encourage the Fullmetal fan in your life to keep growing their collection with this one-of-a-kind Colonel Mustang Funko Pop!

funko POP fullmetal winry

For Fans of Winry: Funko Pop Animation Fullmetal Alchemist Winry

Winry is everyone’s favorite mechanic on the show and is a must-have for your loved one’s Funko Pop collection! This impressive figurine stands at three inches and will be sure to bring your loved one lots of compliments.

If you know a Fullmetal fan, who loves to collect figurines and loves the character Winry, add this adorable Funko Pop to your cart today! You won’t regret it!

wall poster

For Those Who Love Decorative Wall Decor: Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Fabric Wall Scroll Poster

This awesome Fullmetal wall scroll will look great on your loved one’s bedroom wall. This decorative poster is 16 x 22 inches (40.64 x 55.88 cm) and is another must-have for any Fullmetal super-fan. Your loved one will be able to look up at their favorite characters every day, which will be sure to make them smile.

This poster also comes with two hanging hooks, making assembly easy and quick. If you’re searching for durable and high-quality room decor for the Fullmetal fan in your life, add this one-of-a-kind scroll to your cart now!

coffee mug

Perfect for Their Morning Cup of Joe: Fullmetal Alchemist Elric Brothers Chibi Mug

This iconic mug will be sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face first thing in the morning. This ceramic mug can hold up to 11oz (325.31ml) of any beverage and has a stunning illustration of everyone’s favorite alchemist, Edward Elric.

If you know someone who loves Fullmetal and always starts their day with their favorite drink, this is a must-have gift for them! This cup will quickly become their go-to, and they’ll be grateful to have it.


For the Alchemist in Training: Fullmetal Alchemist Magic Notebook

For the Fullmetal fans studying alchemy, this gorgeous notebook will help you take notes and learn new things along the way. This journal comes with 120 pages and is perfect for any kind of writing or note taking your loved one plans on doing.

This gift is also a gorgeous collector’s item, and it will be sure to blow any Fullmetal fan away! Add this incredible hardcover journal to your cart today if you’re looking to make an impression on the Fullmetal lover in your life.

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood complete serie DVD

For Fans of Fullmetal Brotherhood: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Complete Series DVD

For those who are fans of the Brotherhood series, this DVD collection is a great way to go back and watch these iconic episodes over again. If you know someone who follows the manga version of this series closely, they’ll be sure to enjoy this rendition of Fullmetal very much!

This complete Brotherhood series is a great gift to give any Fullmetal super-fan.

Treat your loved one today to this one-of-a-kind box set that they’ll be sure to have around for a long time.


Cozy Socks for Any Occasion: Fullmetal Alchemist Unisex Socks

These unique boat socks are perfect for any Fullmetal fan, as they are stylish and incredibly comfortable. This pair has everyone’s favorite brotherly duo on the front, giving your loved one the chance to sport their love of Fullmetal everywhere they go.

Socks are a go-to gift idea, and these Fullmetal-themed socks are a go-to purchase for your loved one that can’t get enough of this series!

playing cards

For Playing Your Cards Right: Fullmetal Alchemist Playing Cards

These vibrant and high-quality playing cards make a unique collector’s item for the Fullmetal fan in your life. This purchase comes with 52 cards, each with a different Fullmetal character on the front.

Whether your loved one is interested in actually playing cards or is just keeping these as a collector’s item, they’ll be sure to enjoy this gift


To Hold Their Money in Style: Gumstyle Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Wallet

This spacious and high-quality wallet comes in three different designs and makes a perfect gift for any Fullmetal fan. Each design showcases a different symbol on the cover, a symbol which only alchemists will understand.

This adorable wallet has a snap-closure design, helping your loved one keep all their belongings safe and secure. This wallet is for sure a conversation starter and will bring a smile to your loved one’s face every time they take it out.


A Gift for When Human Transmutation Goes Wrong: Blackcraft Human Transmutation Circle PopSockets

This durable pop-socket is perfect for any Fullmetal fan and has the iconic transmutation circle at the center of it. This flexible pop-socket is a practical and stylish tool to have for so many reasons.

This adhesive material will allow your loved one to prop up their phone with ease and do things like watch their favorite anime! If you’re looking for a practical gift that anyone will quickly get a lot of use out of, this Fullmetal-themed pop-socket is a perfect gift idea.


For Making Their Keys Stylish: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Ed Sd PVC Keychain

This adorable Edward Elric keychain will make a great addition to your loved one’s keys. This durable material will stand the test of time and look great for years to come. If you know someone whose favorite character on the show is Ed, this is another reason to consider this fantastic gift idea.

This unique keychain will be sure to add some personality to their keys and remind them of their favorite anime character every time they’re on the go!


To Keep Their Head Warm: Fullmetal Alchemist Aoocasi Girls Knit Hat

This child’s size cap is a great gift idea for young Fullmetal fans. This breathable and high-quality material makes it a must-have for Fullmetal fans that love beanies and Edward Elric!

This multi-purpose beanie is great for staying warm and also staying fashionable on the go.

If you know a young Fullmetal fan who loves staying fashionable out in the cold, this is a great gift idea to consider!


For Carrying Their Essentials: Alchemist Luminous Large Backpack

If you’re looking for a durable and spacious Fullmetal-themed backpack, you’ve come to the right place! This impressive school bag is the perfect way to help your loved one carry all their essentials on the go while showcasing their love for their favorite TV show.

The iconic Flamel symbol on the front also glows in the dark, making it a must-have for an alchemist in your life! This fashionable and one-of-a-kind backpack is perfect for fans of all ages, so what are you waiting for?

fullmetal alchemist vol 1

If They’re Interested in Reading the Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 1

After they’ve binged the entire show, your loved one may be interested in reading the series. There are plenty of differences between the original show and the manga, so there’s plenty of new content for your Fullmetal fan to consume.

Even if they’ve already read the series, this gift makes an excellent collector’s item that they’ll be sure to treasure. Let your loved one immerse themselves in the world of the Elric brothers and the crazy schemes they get themselves into! They’ll be sure to love it!

fullmetal alchemist special figure

A One-of-a-Kind Collectors Item: Furyu Fullmetal Alchemist: Edward Elric Special Figure

This iconic figurine will be sure to make an impression on any Fullmetal fan, especially those who have a soft spot for Ed. This high-detailed figure will look great on your loved one’s bookshelf or desk and will be sure to bring them lots of compliments.

This limited-edition figurine is a must for any Fullmetal fanatic, so make sure you add this mini Ed figurine to your cart today before you miss out!


For Fans of Spoofs and Laughs: Fullmetal Alchemist: The Complete Four-Panel Comics

This hilarious comic strip is a whole new take on the Elric brothers and their journey to find the Philosopher’s stone. This gift will be sure to make your loved one laugh and re-immerse themselves within the world of Fullmetal in a whole new way.

Packed with 128 pages of vibrant illustrations and pure fun, the Fullmetal fan in your life will be sure to enjoy this gift. This is also an excellent collector’s item that any anime fan will be thankful to have around.


Another Cozy T-Shirt They’ll Enjoy: Men’s Fullmetal Alchemist Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This comfortable short sleeve t-shirt is a great gift option for big fans of that iconic line spoken by Ed at the end of the series. This printed t-shirt has that unforgettable line written on the front and the Flamel symbol in the background.

This unique shirt will serve as a sweet reminder to your loved one that they can overcome any obstacle they face. Any Fullmetal fan will be sure to love this shirt and wear it often, so make sure you add this winner to your cart today!

wall decor

For Fans of Jaw-Dropping Artwork: Yansang Anime Fullmetal Alchemist Wall Decor

This is a truly gorgeous piece of art that any Fullmetal fan will be blown away by. Pictured, you can see Alphonse reaching for the Philosopher’s stone that’s just almost out of reach. This beautiful piece of art will be sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face every time they see it.

This poster is 8×10 and will look excellent anywhere in your loved one’s home. Simply add a frame to this purchase, and your Fullmetal fan will be thrilled with this gift!

good smile nendoroid envy

If Their Favorite Villain Is Envy: Good Smile Nendoroid Envy

This Envy figurine is another must-have collector’s item for the passionate Fullmetal fan in your life. This unique gift comes with two separate figures, as well as three face plates, allowing your loved one to immerse themselves into battle.

If their favorite villain on the show is Envy, this is a must-have figurine that will be sure to look great on their bookshelf or desk. Treat the Fullmetal fan in your life right with any one of these fantastic gift ideas today!

Buyers Guide + What To Remember

It’s clear to see there are many excellent and unique gift ideas out there for Fullmetal Alchemist fans! But before you start purchasing items, there are a few factors you should consider first. Below we’ll explore what you should be mindful of before you click add to cart.
Price is one of the main factors most people consider before buying someone a gift. While most of the items we mentioned above are budget-friendly, it’s essential to consider how much you’re willing to spend.

If you’re buying a gift for a party and there’s a spending limit involved, it’s best to abide by this rule. If you’re interested in purchasing multiple products from this list, it’s essential to consider what the total comes to.

Taking all these components into consideration will keep you and your wallet happy at the end of the day!
Favorite Character
Does your loved one have a favorite character from the show? It’s essential to consider this, as it will allow you to purchase them a gift they’ll enjoy. If their favorite character is Ed, there are plenty of products we listed above that they’ll be sure to be interested in!

Considering what character they are the most interested in will help you choose the best gift they’ll be sure to treasure.
The age of your gift recipient is another factor you should consider. Some items on this list may be more appreciated by an older audience, such as the journal and mousepad mentioned above.

If you’re shopping for a younger person, we did mention products that they’d be more interested in, such as a child-sized sized beanie and a throw blanket. While all the gifts we mentioned above are perfect for Fullmetal fans, it’s essential to consider how old the fan you’re shopping for is!


It’s clear to see that Fullmetal has made a lasting impact on audiences everywhere, and there are many Fullmetal-themed gifts to choose from! Make sure to share this article and leave a comment below telling us about your favorite Fullmetal character and what gift idea you like the best!

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