35 Naruto Gifts Every Ninja Needs

If you’ve never really heard of Naruto, you may not have a clue what your boyfriend, granddaughter or kid is asking you for when s/he says, “Just buy me some cool Naruto stuff for my birthday.”

If you found this article because you were at an absolute loss as to what “cool Naruto stuff” might be, you’re in luck. Naruto is a popular Japanese manga that has since been turned into popular anime and video game franchises. Because it’s so popular, there are a lot of unique Naruto gifts from which you can choose.

35 Naruto Gift Ideas

naruto box set 1

Hours and Hours of Reading: Naruto Premium Box Set 1: Volumes 1-27

This box set collection features volumes one through 27 of what is often called “the world’s most popular ninja comic!” Each book is a paperback version of the popular manga, and the set comes in a thick, corrugated cardboard case for safekeeping.

These are some of the first Naruto manga, so they feature his early years, when he was first coming into his own as a “ninja-in-training” and still getting into quite a lot of teenage trouble. There are also some additional premium items included with the box set.

If your friend’s a fan, this is a must-have gift.

Naruto premium box set 2

Even More Hours of Reading: Naruto Premium Box Set 2: Volumes 28-48

This is the second edition of the Naruto premium box set. It features volumes 28 through 48 of Naruto’s journey. In these, Naruto has grown up some, but he still has a knack for finding himself in trouble more often than not.

The set comes in a large, corrugated cardboard box just like the first set for attractive display, and there’s also an exclusive, mini-comic and a full-color, double-sided poster included with the set.

Naruto premium box set 3

Last One, We Promise: Naruto Premium Box Set 3: Volumes 49-72

This is the third and final Naruto premium box set. It contains volumes 49 through 72. In these manga, the story of Naruto is finally concluded. Of all the manga, these are the most action-packed, so your friend is sure to love this set.

Like the other two box sets, this one also comes with additional premium items and in a nice, sturdy box for display.

Naruto uncut complete seasons box set

For the Friend Who Prefers Watching to Reading: Naruto Uncut: Complete Seasons 1-4 8 Box-Set

If your friend would rather watch Naruto than read it, this is the box set for her. This set comes with the complete series of Naruto, seasons one through four. They’re all uncut and feature 220 episodes of your friend’s favorite show on 48 discs.

They feature both Japanese and English subtitles and audio, and best of all, she can watch them over and over again.

ramen bowl spoon chopstick set

For Holding His Delicious Noodles: World Market Japanese Ceramic 8-Piece Ramen Bowl, Soup Spoon, Chopstick

If there’s one thing a Naruto fan knows, it’s that Naruto loves Ramen. It’s probably his favorite thing ever, and if your friend is also a big Ramen fan or just likes to collect cool manga memorabilia, he’ll love this Ramen set for two.

The set comes complete with everything two people would need to enjoy some delicious Ramen including two, large Ramen bowls, two soup spoons and two sets of chopsticks. All are dishwasher- and microwave-safe.


An Excellent Accessory: Naruto Hidden Leaf Village Built-Up Backpack

If your loved one is a Naruto fan and is also a student, artist or anyone else who has need of a large-capacity backpack, she’ll love this gift. It features a large laptop pocket for laptops up to 15 inches, several other smaller pockets and zippered compartments, a carrying handle and adjustable straps.

It’s an officially licensed Naruto product made of high-quality materials. It’s awesome for collectors and fully functional.


Make Her Feet Ninja-Silent: Gumstyle Japanese Anime Style Anti-slip House Slippers

These super comfy house slippers are great for keeping your friend’s feet warm and giving her the opportunity to showcase her love of Naruto. In addition to being cozy and comfortable, they also have non-slip soles so they can be worn both inside and outside, and they’re covered in many of the most popular Naruto characters.

The insides of the shoes are made of fleece for extra warmth, and there are several sizes from which to choose.

funko pop Naruto Vs sasuke

For the True Collector: Funko Pop! Naruto Shippuden Naruto Vs Sasuke

If your friend is a hardcore collector, he’ll love this pop from the Funko Pop Animation line. It’s straight out of a scene from Naruto Shippuden that features Naruto and Sasuke fighting over some dark stuff from both their pasts.

It’s free-standing, which means it doesn’t need any type of stand or prop to hold it up, and it looks amazing whether it’s displayed in the box or out of it.

bathrobe for men

A Comfy Way to Crawl into Bed: BEDJIMI Akatsuki Uchiha Itachi Kimono Bathrobe for Men

If your friend’s the type of person who prefers the bad guys over the good guys, he’s sure to love this Akatsuki-inspired robe. It’s made from super soft, incredibly warm terry cloth for maximum warmth and comfort, and although it’s marketed for men, the wide range of sizes makes it perfect for women and children as well.

It’s black with the red emblems of the Akatsuki ninjas embroidered in strategic places throughout the robe. It also features a matching red belt, so he’ll look like a true ninja warrior.

10 rings set

A Fine Collection: Atenia Naruto Akatsuki 10-Piece Rings Set

Whether your friend loves to cosplay or just enjoys unique, anime-inspired jewelry, she’ll love this set of ten Atenia Akatsuki rings from Naruto. Each ring features a different colored stone with a unique character inside it.

The rings can be worn on fingers or on a chain as a necklace. Each ring is adjustable to fit the fingers of just about any wearer.

glass set

Raise a Glass: Naruto Shippuden Pint Glass Set of Four

No matter which Naruto character is your loved one’s favorite, this set of four pint glasses has him covered. The glasses feature four of the most popular Naruto characters – Naruto, Sasuke, Sakara and Kakashi Sensei – and are fully functional for use.

The artwork is very detailed, with bright, authentic colors and intense attention to detail. Your friend will love them, but make sure he knows they’re hand-wash only.

Naruto special backpack

For Cosplay and Utility: Eastern Animation Naruto Special Backpack Bag

This is another great gift for the friend who loves authentic-looking replicas or who enjoys cosplay. This is a scaled-to-size replica of Gaara’s gourd from the original Naruto anime. In the anime, Gaara carried around this special gourd and filled with chakra-infused sand that allowed him to fight effectively.

While your friend might not be able to pour any magical sand into or out of this bag, he can fill it with a ton of stuff because in addition to looking amazing, it’s also a fully functional overnight bag.

It’s large enough to fit pretty much everything he’d need for an overnight trip, and best of all, it looks absolutely realistic.

naruto path of the ninja 2 nintendo DS

For the Gamer in Your Life: Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2 – Nintendo DS

If your friend’s a hardcore gamer, she’s sure to love this Naruto game for the Nintendo DS. Referred to by many reviewers as “the best Naruto game for any platform!” Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2 features a totally unique story line and has over 25 playable characters.

Your friend will even have the ability to battle players from all over North America and Mexico using the WiFi battles feature. The game has also been remastered to include an improved battle and graphics system.


For Cold Winter Nights: Naruto Anime Throw Blanket Piny Ultra-Soft

This is an absolutely gorgeous blanket that any Naruto fan is sure to love. Although there are a few different sizes from which to choose, this particular one is 50 inches by 40 inches. It’s made of flannel, so it’s super soft to the touch and warm enough for even the coldest winter months.

The design features two of most fan-favorite characters, Naruto and Sasuke, so even if you’re not sure which character is your friend’s favorite, this blanket has you covered.

messenger bag

For the Male or Female Naruto Super Fan: Japanese Anime Messenger Bag Crossbody Canvas

This is another great bag option for the Naruto fan in your life. It’s unisex, so it’s perfect for practically anyone, and it’s lightweight, sturdy and made of high-quality, durable materials. It’s very practical for everyday use, but it’s also a great option for cosplay.

It’s large enough to fit books, laptops, gaming systems and other items. It’s also multi-functional as a purse, messenger bag, carry-on and so much more.


Warm and Stylish: Naruto Shippuden Ichiraku Ramen Adult Zip Hoodie

When it comes to eating Ramen, Naruto has one place he likes to go – the Ichiraku Ramen Shop. While your friend may not be able to go there himself, he can definitely showcase his love of it and the show/manga with this awesome Ichiraku hoodie.

It’s made of 100% cotton, so it’s durable, comfortable and warm. It’s also an officially licensed Naruto product, so you won’t have to worry about getting some cheap knock-off when it’s delivered. It’s well-made, so it can be machine-washed and even ironed if needed.

The front of the hoodie features the Ichiraku Ramen Shop logo with a Hidden Leaf Village symbol, and the back features the shop’s name in English and Japanese above a bowl of Ramen with chopsticks.

Naruto ninja weapon metal kunai prop

A Big Box of Blades: Naruto Ninja Weapon Metal Kunai Prop

When buying a gift for a fan of Naruto or any other fighting-themed anime, you can’t go wrong with buying the giftee replicas of the weapons featured on the show. This set features six of the most popular blades in the anime, the Hidden Leaf Village symbol and a cord that allows your friend to wear them all as pendants on a necklace if he so chooses.

He can also choose to display them in the box, which is quite lovely, or he can use them as key chains.

tapestry wall art hanging

A Beautiful Addition to Any Room: DIYYAO Anime Naruto Printed Tapestry Wall Hanging

If your friend is looking to add a little beauty and color to her wall, this printed wall tapestry is the perfect gift. It’s made of 100% polyester and is lightweight, hypoallergenic and durable. It features a gorgeous depiction of Itachi, the brother of Sasuke, a popular Naruto character.

The image is done all in blacks and reds and looks like something straight off the pages of the manga. Any Naruto super fan will go nuts for it.

2 piece uchiha for women

Super Cute and Comfy: 2 Piece Uchiha Outfits for Women

This is another great option for the female Naruto lovers in your life. Ranging in size from small to XXL, this adorable two-piece set works well as pajamas, workout gear, a cosplay outfit or just everyday wear.

There are several different design options from which you can choose, so whether your friend is a fan of the Shinobi or the Akatsuki, you can pick the perfect outfit for her. Both the top and the shorts are made from a polyester/Spandex blend that makes them supremely soft and comfortable.

bambo chopsticks

For the Ramen Lovers: 10-Pairs Bamboo Chopsticks GLAMFIELDS

If your friend loves Naruto, Ramen and all things Japanese, get him this set of personal, reusable chopsticks. There are ten pairs of chopsticks included in the set. They’re made from high-quality bamboo, which is safe for everyday use.

Because they’re varnished with all-natural, food-grade lacquer, they stay clean and unstained, can be washed and can be used over and over again. Each end features an adorable cat design that makes each set of chopsticks unique and easy to spot, which is great if there are multiple people in the household using them; everyone can easily pick out his or her own pair.

The painted ends also make them easier to grip and hold.

pocket watch with necklace

Give Him the Time of Day: Cosplay Naruto Quartz Pocket Watch with Pocket & Necklace Chain

Although this gorgeous quartz pocket watch is mostly designed for cosplay, it’s also fully functional. The battery is included, so all your friend has to do after getting it is set the time and enjoy it.

It’s water-resistant but not waterproof, and it comes with a money-back guarantee. The set comes with the pocket watch (which is decorated with the Hidden Leaf Village symbol), a necklace chain and a fob chain.

It all comes in a nice, attractive gift box for easy gifting or for in-box display.

Naruto PVC bust bank

A Place to Keep His Money Safe: Naruto Shippuden – Naruto PVC Bust Bank

This officially licensed Naruto Shippuden product is officially licensed merchandise. It’s a Naruto bust “piggy bank” and is a popular option for gift-giving. It’s well-made and durable, and its details are intricate and precise.

The coin slot is located unobtrusively in the back, directly beneath Naruto’s head, and although it’s a bank, it also works perfectly as a cake topper. According to reviewers, it’s a little smaller than expected, so it doesn’t hold a ton of spare change, but it’s still a great option for the serious Naruto collector.

face cover scarf

A Unique Face Covering: 3D Print Naruto Seamless Face Cover/Headband/Scarf

Help your son, boyfriend, sister or any other Naruto lover in your life look like an angry Naruto with this unique face covering from NZZZ. The scarf is made from premium material and features an elastic closure on the back for a secure fit.

It acts as a face mask, neck gaiter and scarf all in one and is perfect for use in times of sickness or when it’s just really cold outside. Pictured here is the lower half of Rage-Mode Naruto, but there are seven other options from which you can choose.

leather wallet

A Ninja to Watch Over His Cash: Gumstyle Naruto Anime Men’s Artificial Leather Bifold Wallet

This line of Naruto-themed wallets is perfect for the Naruto super fan in your circle of friends. There are twelve different designs from which to choose, so you can find one that perfectly fits your friend’s taste.

Pictured here is the split face design that features Naruto’s face on the left and Sasuke’s on the right. There are also Hidden Leaf Valley designs, Sharingan designs, Uchiha designs and more. From the outside, it looks like a bi-fold wallet, but it actually opens like a tri-fold, which means there are several more card slots available in the larger space.

Naruto gift set bag stickers

A Big Bag of Goodies: RESKY Naruto Gift Set with Bag, Stickers, Pins, and More

If you really have no idea what kind of Naruto gift to get your loved one, make it easy on yourself and just get him a little bit of everything. This purchase allows you to do just that. It includes a ton of great stuff including an Itachi drawstring bag, over 50 Naruto-themed stickers, an adorable key chain, some enamel pins, a cell phone holder/ring stand, a lanyard, two face masks and even more.

Additionally, each set is slightly varied, so no two gift sets are exactly the same, meaning you’re giving your loved one a truly unique gift.


Help Her Look the Part: HappyShip Leaf Necklace Leaf Village Symbol

Help your friend showcase her love of Naruto by buying her this replica necklace featuring the Hidden Leaf Village emblem, which is the preferred symbol of Naruto. The necklace is made of 100% environmentally friendly materials that are anti-corrosion, anti-radiation and almost completely anti-allergen.

The pendants are a little less than 2 inches in size; the cord is 18 inches long. The whole thing is beautiful and perfect for cosplay or just for wearing as jewelry.

frog coin wallet

A Cute Gift for Her: Avias Knife Supply Cute Frog Coin Wallet

This is another great gift option for the Naruto fan who is looking for something cute and authentic. If you’ve never seen Naruto yourself, you’re probably wondering why anyone would want a small, stuffed frog as a change purse.

It’s because that’s exactly the kind of change purse that Naruto uses in both the manga and the anime. This replica is almost perfect, right down to the wide eyes and the gaping red mouth. Whether your friend is gearing up for the perfect cosplay outfit or just wants something adorable in which to keep her change, this is the gift for her.


For Toasty Toes: Naruto Shippuden Socks Cosplay (2 Pair)

These socks are perfect for the Naruto fan in your life, and you can’t go wrong with them because each pair showcases love of a different group. One pair of socks represents the “good guys” – Naruto and his allies – and the other pair represents the not-so-good-guys, the Akatsuki.

If your friend is feeling puckish, he can even mix and match them, wearing one of each to showcase his love of both groups. The socks are machine-washable and fit most men. They’re durable and long-lasting, and your friend is sure to love them.

pins 2 pack

For the Pin Collector: Ripple Junction Naruto Shippuden Enamel Pins (2 Pack)

If your Naruto-loving friend is also the type of person who enjoys collecting enamel pins, this is the gift for her. These pins are officially licensed Naruto products. They’re made of 100% iron with a soft, enamel fill.

Each pin is about 1.25 inches tall, and each one features a design that represents your friend’s love of the Akatsuki village.

wrist belt buckle

Make a Fashion Statement: Jewelry Unique Anime Series Wrist Belt Buckle

This ten-inch, black and chrome bracelet is made of stainless steel, leather and faux leather and is designed to look just like a belt with the Hidden Leaf Valley symbol as the buckle. It’s a unique piece that is sure to appeal to fans of Naruto.

It features an easy hook, clasp design for a secure fit and can be adjusted to fit smaller wrists if needed.

Naruto original soundtrack

Music is Good for the Soul: Naruto: Original Soundtrack

Naruto the anime is great, but one thing people often overlook is how amazing the soundtrack is. If your friend is a true Naruto fan, chances are she loves the soundtrack as well. Buy her this copy of the official soundtrack on CD so that she has it to listen to anytime she’s in the mood to do so.

The soundtrack contains 14 original songs from the original Naruto, and if the pounding drums, exciting flute playing, riffing guitars and warlike chants aren’t enough to get her feet tapping, nothing ever will be.

vinyl stickers decals logo

Let the World Know: A&B Traders’ Naruto Vinyl Stickers Anime Decals Hidden Leaf Logo

This large car decal is high-quality, long-lasting and can hang out on your friend’s car for up to six years without fading, peeling or cracking. It’s super easy to apply; all he has to do is peel it off the transfer paper and stick it wherever he wants it to go.

The design features the Hidden Leaf Valley logo, and the whole decal is waterproof, oil-proof and anti-scratch. It can be applied to just about anything, but it’s specifically made for vehicles.

fox plush doll

Something Cute to Cuddle at Night: Naruto Kurama Nine-Tails Fox Plush Doll Stuffed Animal Toy

If there’s one thing most Naruto fans can agree on, it’s that the nine-tailed fox, Kurama, is absolutely adorable. If your friend is a fan of the show, chances are she loves this little guy almost as much as she loves the entire anime.

Get her this sweet, endearing, squishable plush to snuggle with at night, and she’s sure to thank you. He’s made of 100% cotton, including his stuffing, which is PP cotton, and the detail on him is stunning.

He practically looks like he stepped right out of the TV screen. He can be machine-washed in a laundry bag, but hand-washing is preferable.

guitar picks

For the Musician: Naruto Guitar Picks (10-Pack)

If your friend loves playing the guitar almost as much (or more!) than he loves Naruto, help him combine the best of both worlds by buying him this ten-pack of Naruto-themed guitar picks. Each pick features double-sided artwork from the Naruto manga and/or anime.

They are extremely colorful, and the detail in the art is pretty amazing, especially on such a small surface. Most importantly, they’re actual, high-quality, celluloid guitar picks, not just novelty items.

When your friend plays his guitar with these picks, he’ll get a natural, rich tone that’ll please anyone who hears it.

Need a Naruto Themed Present for a Super Fan?

When it comes to anime and manga, Naruto is probably one of the most recognizable options there is. Both the manga and the anime series have very detailed, intricate plots, large, vast universes and great art. Plus, the main character and most of the supporting characters all have excellent, detailed background stories that make the whole plot feel more real and enriching.

It should come as no surprise then that people love this story. That’s why it appears over and over again on lists laying out the most popular and watched anime shows of all time. If you have a Naruto fan in your life, finding a gift for him or her shouldn’t be too hard.

The hardest part will likely be trying to find gifts for him/her that s/he doesn’t already have. Even this, though, isn’t that hard. You can either take a quick peek around the house when your friend or loved one isn’t around, ask someone that lives with that person or just ask him/her outright whether or not s/he has something.

Additionally, a lot of the items on the list are collector’s items, and even if your friend or loved one already has one, s/he usually won’t mind getting another either to sell, to trade or just because having two of something isn’t always a bad thing. Trust us on this, no matter which gift you choose, you can’t go wrong buying a Naruto-themed gift for a fan of Naruto.

Are you a fan of the franchise, or are you looking for gifts for someone you love?

If you are a fan, which do you prefer – the anime, the manga or the games?


Are there any great Naruto gifts that should’ve made our list but didn’t? Let us know all of that and more down below in the comments section, and don’t forget to like and share our gift-giving guide with your friends.

We hope you come back and see us again soon!

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